Monday, July 4, 2022

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Vedix: offering customized skincare backed by Ayurveda

Vedix, a customized ayurvedic beauty and wellness brand is formulated on the underlying principle that each individual has a...

The Great D2C Lifestyle Makeover: Building your growth boosters for health,...

Amid the pandemic, the health and wellness segment faced a sea change by getting the fuel for growth from...

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UK based thread company Coats published 2021 Sustainability report

Coats, the leading global thread’s company has published its 2021 Sustainability report titled ‘Pioneering a Sustainable Future: Accelerating our...

Coats calls for a collaboration with all the brands, industry experts

Coats is calling all brands, manufacturers and recyclers to collaborate with their new circularity concept that can help to...

Pepsi Exclusive Interview


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