Thursday, December 1, 2022

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Licious expects Rs 1,500 cr revenue in 12 months: Co-founder Vivek...

Licious is also working with a very "sharp focus on driving profitability" along with strengthening an offline presence added...
Recorde Studios store

Beauty brand Recode Studios targets Rs 30 Cr revenue

The premium beauty and skincare cosmetic brand aims for a revenue growth of 45-50% by the end of FY...

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Club Shots by Privilege Membership Club

Talking to Changemeakers in Indian Retail

A series of interviews featuring leaders in Indian retail where they share their strategies, innovative thoughts and challenges to create companies that are on the forefront of the business.

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Hikina restaurant lapita dubai parks and resort

Hikina Restaurant re-opens at Lapita in Dubai Parks and Resorts

Hikina Restaurant will invite guests to witness the Ahi-Ahi Ceremony that means sunset in Hawaiian. New Delhi: Hikina Restaurant has...
macys claire's store

Claire’s opens shops in Macy’s stores

Claire’s offers hair accessories, jewelry and cosmetics all year, as well as seasonal items By Daphne Howland New Delhi: Claire’s is...

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