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For Mumbai-based cosmetics brand Charmacy Milano, AI proved to be a saving grace, helping it solve customer engagement and retention problems.

Business Challenge

Charmacy Milano faced several challenges in the areas of customer experience and customer retention. Only 30% of the company’s customers engaged with it across different channels, making its interactions feel fragmented and inconsistent.

The company could segment only 40% of customers, limiting its ability to target marketing effectively. The company also had a high churn rate of 50%–it was losing almost half its customers and needed help improving retention.

The Approach

The brand then turned to Nitro Commerce, a Gurugram-based e-commerce enablement company that offers AI-based solutions. Charmacy used Nitro’s identity-as-a-service product called NitroX, which helped identify over 80% of website visitors.

Nitro employed advanced data analytics and segmentation tools to improve customer categorization. Nitro’s technology enabled the company to precisely identify customers across online platforms and channels.

With Nitro’s help, the company could monitor the user’s online activity. They could remind customers of products or services left in the cart and entice them to complete the transaction.

Business Impact

Enhanced Visitor Identification

Charmacy reported an increase in visitor identification, which was 5x the industry average, reaching 15% of website visitors.

Better customer journey mapping

The event-based mapping of the customer journey helped track key interactions such as product views, category views, and even checkout.

Faster operations

The real-time data and CRM system integration was within minutes, automating personalized customer journeys based on individual behaviours and preferences.

Improved marketing

Charmacy’s marketing results significantly improved. The company discovered and retargeted more potential buyers because of its cutting-edge identification technology.

Spike in ROAS

The Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) climbed by more than 6% in three months, exceeding industry norms.

“It’s inspiring to see how our identity-as-a-service technology and advanced data analytics tools have significantly enhanced Charmacy’s customer engagement and marketing efforts. The success Charmacy has achieved, including improved visitor identification, effective customer journey mapping, and seamless CRM integration, is a testament to their strategic vision and commitment to growth,” said Mohammed Atyab, chief operating officer (COO) & co-founder, Nitro Commerce.

“Our marketing results significantly improved once we started working with NitroX. We were able to discover and retarget more potential buyers because of their cutting-edge identification technology. Our Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) climbed by more than 6% in three months, exceeding industry norms. Our retargeting efforts have been greatly enhanced and have produced better outcomes thanks to our relationship,” said Amit Maker, chief executive officer (CEO), Charmacy Milano.

About Charmacy Milano

Charmacy Milano is a cosmetic platform offering beauty products with a commitment to sustainability. The brand aims to provide high-quality products while transitioning towards organic and environmentally-friendly ingredients and packaging, with a future-focused on biodegradable, recyclable, and non-toxic solutions. The company sells beauty products for the face, lips and eyes in the range of Rs 400 to Rs 1,999 on average.

About Nitro Commerce

Nitro Commerce is a Gurugram-based E-commerce enablement company. The company has onboarded over 100 D2C brands on the platform and plans to grow to 1,000 by the end of this year. It was built from the ground up for the e-commerce and D2C markets to provide technologies to the industry that aid the top and middle of the funnel to increase revenue. Recently, Nitro Commerce raised Rs 15 crore in the first phase of its fundraising.

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