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Retail Tech Case Study: How Happilo improved operations, efficiency, experience across channels

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Mannu Mathew
Mannu Mathew
With over four years of experience, Mannu Mathew specializes in business journalism with a focus on technology, the retail sector, D2C, and E-commerce brands. He is working as the Assistant Editor for India Retailing and Images Retail Magazine.

When the nuts brand Happilo went omnichannel it faced several challenges. Adopting just one solution not only helped overcome those but also achieve efficiency, operations and customer experience

New Delhi: Nuts brand Happilo was launched in 2016. Adopting an omnichannel approach to achieve a larger reach, the brand opened its first offline outlet in 2022.

Currently, the company has around 10 stores in cities including Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Gurugram. It is also present in 15,000 general trade (GT) stores.

The Challenge

During its transition to omnichannel, the company went through a fair share of challenges. These included building a skilled team to facilitate the shift from an e-commerce-centric model to an omnichannel model.

Other areas where the company faced difficulties include inventory, billing and enhancing customer experience.

During the early stages of this transition, multitasking demands often resulted in errors, providing valuable lessons in talent acquisition and channel establishment.

The Approach by Happilo

To resolve the challenges, the company turned to Queuebuster, a POS solution provider which has now become an integral partner in enhancing efficiency.  

Happilo today leverages QueueBuster’s billing and inventory software at its outlets which has helped streamline retail space, faster billing and better control over inventory.

“In high-rent areas like malls, where space is at a premium, QueueBuster’s storefront solutions have freed up over 10% space, improving store aesthetics and enhancing the overall customer experience,” said Vikas D Nahar, founder & chief executive officer, Happilo.

With more space, Happilo could optimise product displays, introduce additional product lines, or create designated areas for promotions and seasonal offerings.

This flexibility in space utilization contributed to a more dynamic and customer-centric store layout. It allowed Happilo to adapt to changing market trends and customer preferences promptly. Additionally, the freed-up space facilitates better navigation for customers, creating a more comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience.

Retail Tech Case Study: How Happilo improved operations, efficiency, experience across channels
QueueBuster’s compact palm-sized device has freed up over 10% of space, improving store aesthetics | Image Credit: LinkedIn

“Its integration with Shopify simplifies customer interactions, both online and in-store. We anticipate further tools and increased sales opportunities as a result of this collaboration,” Nahar added.

Business Impact that Happilo saw

Happilo said that the integration of the new POS solution has brought transformation in billing systems, inventory management, billing, enhancing customer experience and much more. Here’s a look at how the tech implementation helped in various areas:

Inventory and billing 

The billing process has become notably faster, contributing to improved efficiency in serving customers. The new POS has facilitated easier and more effective control. The system provides enhanced tools for real-time monitoring of stock levels and notifying potential stockouts. This proactive alert system ensures prompt actions to replenish inventory, minimizing the risk of product unavailability.

Happilo adds that the new POS integration has enabled better management and control of wastage. The system provides insights into inventory turnover rates and consumption patterns, allowing for the optimisation of stock levels and the reduction of unnecessary waste.

The integration has streamlined both billing and inventory processes, making them more efficient, responsive, and conducive to proactive management practices. With quicker transactions and better stock availability, customers experience a more convenient and enjoyable shopping process.

Customer experience in Happilo 

The centralized reporting features of QueueBuster POS enabled Happilo to gather valuable insights into customer preferences and purchasing behaviour.

Happilo was successful in minimising manual interventions, reducing errors, and achieving a smoother workflow. Clear communication with customers, facilitated by accurate tracking information and timely notifications, contributes to an overall positive customer experience during the delivery process.

Inter-store connectivity

Happilo adds that the POS solutions have also helped inter-store connectivity. The company uses a centralised dashboard and reporting system that significantly contributes to improving decision-making processes.


The new POS solution has played a key role with its integrated features. Real-time inventory management ensures accurate stock information, minimizing discrepancies and preventing delays in order fulfilment. The streamlined billing system accelerates order processing, leading to quicker preparation for delivery and timely dispatch of goods.

Cost Reduction 

This tech adoption helped the company save costs in terms of training. The system’s user-friendly interface and ease of operation significantly reduce training time and associated costs.

Staff members can quickly adapt to the software, minimizing the learning curve and ensuring a more efficient onboarding process. This dual benefit of space savings and streamlined training underscores the tangible advantages of QueueBuster in enhancing both the physical and operational aspects of its business.

The ability to access real-time information from various locations enables staff to provide accurate product availability, reducing waiting times and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Loyalty Program and Rewards

Happilo utilises different software for CRM and loyalty programs. Although not directly managing CRM and loyalty programs, QueueBuster’s data analytics capabilities contribute to its understanding of customer trends, which can be further utilized in shaping personalized offerings and loyalty initiatives through the dedicated software used for these purposes.

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