The Store | Season 02, Episode 27

With a value estimated between USD 100-120 BN, the global apparel, footwear, and accessories resale market has nearly tripled in size since 2020 and shows no signs of slowing down. Data Signs discovers why the reasons behind it are evolving, according to a report from Boston Consulting Group, authored in partnership with Vestiaire Collective.

Out of the Aisle walks into Jeep’s astonishing store at the CRYSTAL Galleria in Shanghai. The region’s first Jeep Adventure, the automobile brand’s global flagship centre format, covers nearly 13,000 sq.ft in space, and is an immersive, enveloping experience that wows both passers-by and visitors.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 27

Over 80 per cent of Indian retailers don’t see e-commerce as a threat to their business, according to the findings from a new study of 3,000 retailers and shoppers across the top 25 cities of India, conducted by MSME-focused digital lender NeoGrowth. Data Signs dives into the numbers.

Also featuring an exploration of footwear brand Timberland’s global flagship store in New York’s SoHo district, an extraordinary retail design concept that is built to Wow!

The Store | Season 02, Episode 26

Retailers and CPG manufacturers in Asia would do well to question — or perhaps even abandon — traditional ways of doing business, says McKinsey & Company in a new study — “Zero consumers’: What they want and why it matters”. Also featuring Pop Mart’s global flagship store in Shanghai, whose bold application and integration of materials, textures, lighting and colors, the involvement of 3D printing technology and dynamic display system reflect the finest in retail space design for the digital age.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 25

Positive consumer sentiment is leading retailers to anticipate 10-12% year on year growth in sales during the festive season this year too, says a new report from Wright Research.

Themes and accents from classic Roman architecture and lifestyle underpin the magnificence of fine-dining restaurant Baardos La Citta in New Delhi. This 8,000-square-foot eatery curates numerous experiences through each floor level, with high arches, moldings and columns paying ode to its muse Rome. The Store saunters through the laid-back luxury of Baardos La Citta.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 24

Celio Future Fashion Pvt. Ltd. turned profitable in 2019, and is now on course to making inroads into tier II and III markets. Satyen Momaya, CEO, Celio Future Fashion India describes the road to profitability, how the premium fashion consumer base is broadening, why India is among the world’s largest opportunity landscapes for both scale and profitability in fashion, and how fashion teams need to have a zero-based mindset.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 24

The Indian eCommerce industry is expected to witness a five-fold growth to reach USD 300 bn in value by 2030, according to a new report from Redseer. A substantial increase in the volume of shipments handled by third-party logistics (3PL) providers, potentially reaching 17 billion within the next seven years, is another key data point revealed in the report. Also, in The C-Suite, Satyen Momaya, CEO, Celio Future Fashion, explains the brand’s Concept Store differentials, premium fashion’s promise in India, and how Fashion CEOs can balance the Growth v/s Profitability Act.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 23

Even if the competitive advantage of early adopters of digital transformation seems to be diminishing, the race is not over, says consulting major Alvarez and Marsal in a research covering 100+ European Retailers on digital transformation effectiveness.

Also featuring a walkthrough of the FabHOME store in Hebbal, Bengaluru. A beautifully zoned environment spanning 13,000 square feet, this speciality home improvement retail format welcomes shoppers into a breezy, open plan layout that reflects a seamless, marketplace vibe.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 22

Dipti Tolani, Founder & CEO, SALT Attire, walks into The C-Suite this week for a candid conversation on her journey as a young entrepreneur in Indian retail.

She touches upon why offline retail may be a better fit for premium fashion, what it takes to build scale with personalisation, why a modern Retail CEO must be a master at knowledge gathering, and much more.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 21

Data Signs decodes the big picture from a new Bain & Company report authored in collaboration with TMRW, an Aditya Birla Group venture, on India’s online fashion market, with special focus on Digital Disruptors who are making impressive inroads into underserved and fragmented categories. Also featuring The C-Suite, with excerpts from a conversation with Dipti Tolani, Founder & CEO, Salt Attire on tweaking the brand’s business model for Tier II, III markets, networking as a tool for market intelligence, and the abilities a modern Retail CEO must possess.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 20

Featuring McKinsey & Co’s exploration of how merchandising is defining fashion retail excellence. In a dynamic and increasingly digital apparel, fashion and luxury market, companies that get merchandising right tend to outperform their peers, its analysis notes. The report recommends nine actions that reflect the priorities of some of the industry’s leading companies as they look to capitalize on the key shifts. Also, a walkthrough of farm implements manufacturer and retailer KisanKraft’s Experience Centre in Nellore, which received an Honourable Mention at The 2023 International Visual Competition Awards earlier in 2023.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 19

Tarak Bhattacharya, ED & CEO, Mad Over Donuts (MOD) shares his take on the surprising sophistication of Tier II, III consumers when it comes to international cuisine, the EBITDA formula for QSR scalability, the skills and abilities a Retail CEO of today needs to possess, and how MOD is innovating its menu while staying true to its superhero product.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 18

Focus on sustainability is climbing for India’s food, beverage packaging industry as it shifts towards ‘plastic-free and mono-packaging materials’, and trends such as natural, organic, vegan and GI-tagged products reshape the landscape. Also, key moments from a conversation with Tarak Bhattacharya, Executive Director & CEO, Mad Over Donuts on the donut chain positioning its core product as India’s Modern Mithai, on how to nail the formula for a scalable, EBITDA-positive QSR format, among many other guru mantras.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 17

Watch Pradeep Krishnakumar, Co-founder, Zouk in a candid conversation on Zouk’s brand journey, why offline retail will be the brand’s biggest revenue channel, what businesses can learn about wealth generation from a kirana store, why Indian brands set for foreign markets should self-analyse their ‘Right to Win’ in other territories, and much more.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 16

Fashion dominated retail leasing in the first three months of FY 24 and global brands now account for a quarter of the retail space leased in India, according to a new report from CBRE. Our take in Data Signs. Also featuring excerpts from a conversation with Pradeep Krishnakumar, Co-founder, Zouk on the pluses of brick-and-mortar retailing, on Indian brands’ ‘Right to Win’ in overseas markets, what businesses can learn about wealth generation from a family-owned Kirana store, and much more.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 15

Varun Khurana, Founder & CEO, Otipy in a wide-ranging discussion on why value trumps convenience-at-a-cost for Indian consumers, how Otipy has set benchmarks in waste minimisation, the future of agritech in India, why missteps are a necessary feature of startup journeys, and more.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 14

Digital Indians are showing signs of digital fatigue and seeking return to a simpler life. They are also seeking authentic experiences that are sensorial, of touch and feel. These are among the many insights unveiled in a new study by Ipsos India.
Also featuring excerpts from a conversation with Varun Khurana, Founder & CEO, Otipy on pacing market expansion, Indian consumers’ penchant for value over convenience-at-a-cost, and missteps being a necessary feature of startup journeys.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 13

India’s fastest growing e-Tailor is set for its offline debut this year, and its Co-founder and CEO Dhruv Toshniwal tells us how he is leveraging Banswara Syntex’s textile manufacturing chops, why Made-in-India fashion is coming of age, how The [Pant] Project hopes to nail the metrics of offline retail, and more.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 12

Featuring a tour of the stunning 22,000 sq.ft Tessuti flagship store in Liverpool, UK, for which multidisciplinary agency Counterfeit Design was felicitated with Store of the Year honours at The Shop! Design Awards earlier this year. Plus, clips from an engaging conversation with Dhruv Toshniwal, Co-founder & CEO of the fast-expanding D2C brand The Pant Project.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 11

Youth fashion brand Campus Sutra broke even in the first year of its operations and is now on course to becoming an INR 1000 Cr brand by 2025. Dhiraj Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO tells us why India is sure to become a global brand hub, why startup entrepreneurs need to cultivate the temperament and patience of Rahul Dravid and how the D2C model will play out for the future.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 10

Leading global advisor on consumer behavior Circana reports on how the trend towards sustainable CPG is presenting pockets of retail growth, with the most prevalent sustainable claim on consumer food and beverage products being “recyclable”.

Also featuring quotable quotes from an engaging conversation with Dhiraj Agarwal, Co-founder & CEO, Campus Sutra, who points to India’s promise as a global brand hub, why he believes D2C businesses need to train for patience and long-term viability, and more…

The Store | Season 02, Episode 09

In conversation with Vikram Gupta, Founder & Managing Partner, IvyCap Ventures on India’s D2C ecosystem and its ongoing course corrections. Watch his take on why the ‘funding winter’ is a healthy correction for the startup ecosystem, why ‘Dragon’ is a more desirable title than ‘Unicorn’, and how some D2C models may be missing the bus on market acquisition in their haste towards profitability.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 08

The Store sums up key data points from a new ICRA report indicating a healthy rise in shopping centres’ rental incomes as retail sales climb and rental escalations slow. Also, featuring excerpts from an enlightening discussion with startup investment guru Vikram Gupta, Founder and Managing Partner, IvyCap Ventures.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 07

Preeti Gupta, CBO, Nykaa Fashion is a veteran of the fashion retail category, and a business leader with laser focus on profitability and value creation. In The C-Suite, she talk about Nykaa’’s late entry into an overcrowded fashion eCommerce space, the vision for its newest brands NYKD by Nykaa and Gloot, the relevance of offline retail, and why retail strategies must be tailored for consumer behaviour.

THE STORE | Season 02, Episode 06

Decoding key data from The Indian Payments Handbook – 2022-27, a new report by PwC, which reveals that Unified Payments Interface (UPI) will be accounting for 90% of all retail digital payments by 2026-27. Also featuring riveting excerpts from a conversation with Preeti Gupta, CBO, Nykaa Fashion.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 04

Shriti Malhotra, CEO, The Body Shop India is not just an absolute authority on the category of beauty retail, but also a thought leader on consumer behaviour and the evolution of small-town India. In The C-Suite, she talk about the power of offline retail, the impact of Young Ethically Engaged People (YEEP) on brands, the importance of product and business philosophy, and the future of Indian retail.

The Store | Season 02, Episode 03

Featuring an exploration of Accenture’s Store of the Future concept, which reimagines a conventional offline store as a blend of a Dark Store, an Aisle and a Promenade. Also, excerpts from a stimulating conversation with Shriti Malhotra, CEO, The Body Shop India.

The Store | Season 2 | Episode 02

Aastha Almast, Co-founder, The NEW Shop holds forth on the quintessentially Indian convenience store business model, how the chain is nurturing pan-India entrepreneurship and why it remains unfazed in the face of cash-rich retail juggernauts.

The Store | Season 2 | Episode 01

It’s Back! The Store — India’s Smart Retail Bulletin — returns for Season 2 today on! Watch the first episode of the season featuring an innovation story on Karigari by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi and excerpts from a conversation with one of India’s brightest young retail stars, Aastha Almast, Co-founder, The NEW Shop.