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The Gurugram-based e-pharmacy platforms for skin & hair care faced logistical challenges like delivery delays, maintaining customer loyalty leading to a high return to origin (RTO) and fake delivery attempts. Partnering with New Delhi-based same-day delivery platform Zippee helped improve efficiency thereby ensuring the effective use of (over-the-counter) OTC & Rx-grade medications.


Business Challenge

With a network of offline centres across near capital region (NCR), Haryana, and Punjab, Clinikally’s largest user base was located in Delhi NCR, where quicker delivery times were essential for maintaining high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Approximately 20% of Clinikally’s online sales involved prescription-grade medications, requiring a seamless process from order placement and prescription verification to final delivery. Traditional courier partners struggled to meet the demand for faster delivery due to limited warehouse pickup times and inefficient operations. This led to significant delays, fake delivery attempts, and a high return to origin (RTO) rate of 27%. These challenges not only hindered operational efficiency but also inflated logistics costs. Faced with these obstacles, Clinikally needed a reliable solution to overcome these logistical hurdles and maintain its competitive edge in the market.

The Approach

The brand then turned to Zippee. Zippee’s data intelligence module analysed Clinikally’s product demand down to the stock-keeping unit (SKU) level and helped forecast sufficient inventory to maintain across the Zippee dark store network. With this insight, Clinikally was able to offer same-day delivery for orders placed before 3 PM and next-day delivery for orders placed after 3 PM in NCR and other metro cities in India. This capability drastically reduced waiting times for customers, particularly benefiting those requiring urgent prescription-grade medications.

In addition, the company also implemented Zippee’s verified WhatsApp tool, allowing consumers to monitor real-time order statuses. Additionally, the cash-on-delivery (COD) verification system prompts customers to reconfirm orders before dispatch, reducing our logistics costs. Furthermore, a dedicated Zippee Customer Success Manager works regularly with our team to brainstorm on ROI growth.

Business Impact

After partnering with Zippee, Clinikally experienced significant improvements across several key metrics

Return to Origin (RTO) Rates

One of the most notable impacts was the steep 81% reduction in RTO rates for the pin codes and SKUs serviced by Zippee. This not only saved forward logistics costs incurred on RTO orders but also streamlined inventory management.

Improved Customer Loyalty

There was a 56% increase in repeat purchase rates on the Clinikally website for Zippee-fulfilled orders compared to non-Zippee orders. This directly contributed to higher sales.

Higher COD Fulfillment Rates 

Clinikally’s finance team recorded a 92% cash-on-delivery (COD) order fulfilment rate, with more Zippee customers returning and opting for non-COD payment methods.

Reduced Delivery Complaints

The number of WISMO (Where Is My Order) and delivery-support escalations for Zippee-fulfilled orders was 74% lower than those for courier-fulfilled orders, despite similar volumes.

Key Achievements

down by 81%

Repeat Purchase
up by 56%

COD order fulfilment rate

“Working with Zippee has been a company-defining experience for us. Not only have they incorporated every nuance of our unique platform and customer service model into their rapid delivery systems, but have also helped substantially improve relationships with existing customers,” said Arjun Soin, founder, Clinikally.

“We’ve also enabled Clinikally to extend its brand beyond checkout, to ensure a consistent post-purchase experience that is every bit as on-brand as the initial shopping experience– whether online or offline. Our full-stack technology platform helped streamline prescription verification workflows & end-to-end fulfilment from Order Routing, Shipping Automation, Order Tracking, IVR Support, NDR Rescheduling to Inventory Management,” said Pravir Kalra, head of sales, Zippee.

About Clinikally

Established in the year 2021, the brand offers telehealth & e-pharmacy services for skin, hair care & nutrition. Other services include instant consultation with a dermatologist, and tailor-made treatment blueprints coupled with RX-grade product recommendations. According to the company’s LinkedIn profile, it has raised a seed fund of $2.6 million (Rs 21.32 crores) from around 13 total investors.

About Zippee

Launched in 2021, Zippee is a same-day delivery platform for e-commerce brands. Brands connect their online store to the Zippee platform in just a few clicks & can kickstart Same-Day Delivery in 2 days– through its dark store network across India. The company helps brands like Mondelez, Epigamia, Lenskart, Supertails, Frido, Haagen Daaz, and others through its next-gen fulfilment platform and network of dark stores. The company, according to its website, claims that it has helped brands save fulfilment costs by 25% with around 90% reduction in RTOs. Zippee has raised around $3.2 Million (Rs 27 crore) from Haldiram’s & unicorn founders like Peyush Bansal (Lenskart), Kunal Shah (CRED), Ashneer Grover (BharatPe), Prashant Pitti (EaseMyTrip).

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