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Personalized customer support remains key in Retail: Report

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Customers expect more than merely a transactional relationship and are actively seeking interpersonal relationships

New Delhi: Customers today expect more than merely a transactional relationship. They are actively seeking interpersonal relationships that curate a comprehensive customer journey. According to a survey by Kapture CX, a Bengaluru-based software development company, 43% of retail stakeholders found personalised customer support to be the leading customer support concern.

With customers valuing a tailored approach to their service experience, this demonstrates a drastic shift in consumer expectations, where personalization in customer support is no longer a luxury but a necessity for retailers, the survey added.

Product quality is the second most significant issue at 30%, which affects the end goal in customer experience. Additionally, delivery and shipping delays followed by return/refund processes were less of a concern with 11% and 16% of the respondents considering it respectively.

The survey also uncovered a growing trend where consumers expect retailers to understand their individual needs and preferences, and to provide services accordingly.

The survey invited customers to voice their opinions about the deficiencies in customer support to help influence the evolution of retail service standards. It found that to reshape customer experience, there is a pressing need to deliver personalised customer service.

The results highlight the importance of investing in sophisticated customer support to deliver personalised experiences. While logistics and product returns are pivotal, the personal touch in customer interaction holds more prominence in defining customer satisfaction.

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