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OTT Skyncare to penetrate tier-2 markets in India: founder Sachi Mittal

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Launched in March 2022, the brand harnesses the power of flowers to bring skincare solutions

Bengaluru: If you are looking for clean and gentle yet effective skin care products filled with the best of nature, look no further than OTT Skyncare. Launched in March 2022, the brand harnesses the power of flowers to bring the most indulgent, efficacious solutions for skin. Here is a brand that does not mind going ‘over the top’ for its customers, no matter what it takes.

Making no compromises

For the longest time, Sachi Mittal (currently the founder of OTT Skyncare) was a skin care junkie. “Any new product no matter the price, I had to have it! Then the Covid-19 pandemic came, which brought me especially close to Indian skin care brands—which were all amazing! But I realised that while the Indian skin care industry had many different brands—affordable, natural, non-natural, luxury or even Ayurvedic ones—none of them could match global luxury skin care brands such as La Mer or La Prairie in product quality, packaging and the overall experience,” shares Mittal. She also found that there were several good luxury skin care brands in India, but all their offerings were very expensive.

“I also had an undying obsession with flowers and loved their amazing natural abilities to heal, hydrate, moisturise, cleanse and make our skin smooth while working in absolute harmony with our body. I felt that Indian skin care brands had not harnessed the maximum potential of flowers, and the ones that did were prohibitively expensive. But everyone is entitled to the best that nature and science have to offer,” adds Mittal.

The aforementioned factors, Mittal continues, led her to start OTT Skyncare, a high-quality and affordable luxury skin care brand inspired by floral alchemy. “I wanted to give consumers an extremely rich experience in skin care, so, from product quality and packaging to the technology and customer care services, everything had to be ‘over the top’ in my brand,” conveys Mittal. Therefore, at OTT Skyncare, the team works hard to go over the top with the brand’s vision as well as the product ingredients and formulations. “This is just so that our consumers get the best, no matter the size of their pocket. And while we are at it, we also create top-notch experiences to ensure that we deliver high-quality, luxury skin care of international standards to customers at a price that does not
break the bank,” says Mittal.

Even though a young brand, OTT Skyncare is clear about adding a new subcategory to the existing skin care category: floral alchemy. “For years now, flowers have been a part of our skin care regime without us even knowing it. This is why we at OTT Skyncare rely on scientific innovation and potent concentrates to unlock the powers of rich botanicals, to create skin potions that give you the best results,” shares Mittal. The brand’s launch collection, she continues, was kept extremely simple. “We first launched basic daily-routine products such as moisturiser, serum and face wash, instead of specialised, targeted- concern products, as it is easier to convert prospects into consumers basis the former than the latter,” explains Mittal.

Eyeing growth

OTT Skyncare is still in its nascent phase, so it is natural for the brand to face challenges before it becomes an established player in the segment. “People always find it difficult to trust a new brand, so that is a challenge for us of course. But since ours is a dermatologically tested brand, our products have helped us in slowly gaining the trust of customers,” says Mittal. Another challenge, she continues, is to make customers understand the relatively new category of flowers and also the fact that it is not 100% natural. But despite everything, the brand is going strong especially considering that the Indian skin care market is in its golden phase of growth. “The pandemic accelerated growth in the skin care industry as people began investing in general health and well-being. The category has become highly competitive, but exciting and innovative too, and the possibilities are unlimited,” conveys Mittal.

Her brand will be launching its anti-ageing range by end of this year. It will also enter the Middle Eastern market by early next year. Additionally, the brand is working to establish its presence in offline multi-brand stores such as Sephora and Nykaa. The goal is also to penetrate tier-2 markets in the country.

Brownie Points

  • Floral alchemy is the USP of OTT Skyncare. An undying obsession with flowers and their amazing natural abilities to heal, hydrate, moisturise, cleanse and make the skin smooth and work in absolute harmony with the body is at the heart of the brand’s love for skin care.
  • The brand’s products were launched on Amazon India in April 2022, followed by Purplle in May and Nykaa in September.
  • OTT Skyncare has also partnered with eight dermatologists across Mumbai, Punjab and Delhi for selling its products.

First appeared in The India D2C Yearbook 2022

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