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Louis Vuitton becomes most searched luxury brand in all US states

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Florida is the United States’ most luxury-obsessed state, with almost  3,000,000 searches for luxury brands monthly

Mumbai: Global fashion brand Louis Vuitton topped the list by becoming the most searched luxury brand in all the states of USA, CoolFrames, the designer eyewear experts, announced in its 2023 report analyzing luxury brands’ Google search volumes.

The study also evaluated search volume for other brands including Gucci, Balenciaga, Chanel, Valentino, Dior, Hermès, Rolex, Versace, and Saint Laurent. The search data was then individually summed up for each state, ranking them from most to least obsessed with luxury brands. 

Florida is the most luxury brand-obsessed state, with 1300 luxury brand searches per 1000 people. Having almost 3,000,000 searches monthly, the most in-demand are Louis Vuitton bags (55,000 searches) and Gucci shoes (20,000 searches). Floridians searched for Valentino’s items over 55,000 times.

Texas is the second most luxury-obsessed US state, with 1136 high-end brand searches per 1000 people. The state has an average of 3.5 million searches per month, and around 1 million of those searches are related to Louis Vuitton brand items. Most in demand is once again its purses collection, which has 60,000 searches. With over 560,000 searches, Gucci is the second luxury-obsessed over brand across Texas. The Texans are obsessed with Gucci shoes, having searched for them around 30,000 times.

New York is the third luxury-obsessed US state, having 157 searches per 1000 people and  2,778,960 luxury brand searches per month. Most in demand are Louis Vuitton (75,000 searches) and Gucci (43,000 searches) bags. As in previous states, New Yorkers are also the least obsessed with Valentino, searching for the brand’s items over 67,300 times.

Having 143 searches per 1000 people, California is the fourth most luxury-obsessed US state with more than 5,500,000 searches monthly. In California, Louis Vuitton purses are the most commonly searched item on Google, with a monthly 52,000 searches. Gucci ranks second with 913,850 searches, and its bags are the most desired among users, with a monthly 58,000 searches.

New Jersey has 134 searches per 1000 people and almost 1,300,000 searches on average per month, making it the fifth most luxury-obsessed US state.  Louis Vuitton (35,000 searches) and Gucci (20,000 searches) bags are leading the search, while Valentino still is the least-searched luxury brand with only 30,000 searches.

Illinois, the sixth luxury-obsessed US state, has 120 searches per 1000 people and 300,000 searches per month. Louis Vuitton (30,000 searches) and Gucci bags (20,000 searches) are the most searched items within the state. 

Vermont has 109 searches per 1000 people, making it the seventh most luxury-obsessed US state. The state has 70,000 searches monthly and searched Louis Vuitton bags over 400  times. With nearly 1,600 searches, Valentino is the least searched brand in Vermont.

Being the eighth most luxury-obsessed US state, North Dakota has 94 searches per 1000 people and a monthly search volume of 76,000 for high-end brands. The most in-demand brands are Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Dior. State residents mostly searched Louis Vuitton bags, Gucci belts, and Dior Sauvage perfume.

Wyoming has 88 searches per 1000 people and a monthly search of 12,000 luxury brands, occupying the ninth position. Despite ranking as one of the least luxury brand-obsessed states, it joins the list of Louis Vuitton obsessions. 

Louisiana has overall 84 searches per 1000 people and almost 100,000 searches per month. The state searched for Louis Vuitton bags over 15,000 times. With nearly 5000 searches, Valentino is the least searched brand in Louisiana.

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