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Exploring omnichannel marketing strategies for a cohesive retail experience

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Implementing omnichannel marketing strategies empowers malls to create a comprehensive and compelling shopping experience that connects with customers across various channels

By Gaurav Balani, DGM – Marketing, Infiniti Mall

Mumbai: The retail industry is experiencing a massive shift due to the surge in e-commerce and constantly evolving consumer behaviour. With the increasing popularity of online shopping, conventional establishments such as shopping centres, are confronted with the task of connecting the dots between their physical and digital realms. To flourish in this transformative era, malls are required to embrace omnichannel marketing strategies that can blend their offline and online experiences for customers. Opting for omnichannel marketing strategies, malls can create a last mile experience for their customers. It’s very important to understand the significance of adopting an omnichannel approach for the mall businesses in India, to take advantage in terms of enriching customer engagement, boosting foot traffic, and rejuvenating the retail encounter within an increasingly digitised sphere and above all experiential marketing techniques.

Key components of omnichannel marketing strategies

To bridge the gap between online and offline retail, it is very important to understand some of the key components of omnichannel marketing strategies.

In-store Technology and Personalisation 

Being a hub for retail, dining and entertainment outlets, malls are required to integrate technology into their daily operations. Leading malls in India are integrating technology to enhance the overall experience, facilitating options such as self-checkout, digital signage, interactive displays and mobile apps that guide customers through the store and offer personalised recommendations. Advanced technologies have been helping malls personalise their services for the customers visiting with unique demands and requirements.

Some shopping malls have initiated installing massive LED Screens within mall premises that display branded content. This further gives the visitors an enthralling experience, further boosting the footfalls.

Seamless Customer Experience 

In the competitive landscape, providing consistent and seamless customer support across all channels has become crucial for the mall businesses. Today, malls need to ensure that customers can easily access assistance, whether it is by implementing chatbots on their official sites or maintaining a dedicated phone support helpline or leveraging social media platforms for prompt feedback. Malls have begun to utilise WhatsApp to be in constant touch with their customers. We have been training their on-ground staff to offer excellent services and continuously improving support processes based on customer feedback. By prioritising customer support across channels, malls can further enhance overall customer satisfaction, thereby building trust and creating a cohesive experience that aligns online and offline interactions. Infiniti Mall has shifted its rewards program on WhatsApp business to have seamless interaction with their customers on a day-to-day basis.

Events and Engaging Activities 

Hosting events and carnivals is a powerful way for malls to enhance their omnichannel marketing strategies. By organising events that combine physical and digital experiences, malls can create a buzz and engage with customers across multiple channels.

Shopping malls across India have been increasing the footfalls by hosting engaging events such as fashion shows, product launches, store launch events, festive celebrations and cause-led flea markets in their physical spaces, while live streaming the events on social media platforms. This approach allows customers to participate in the event virtually, extending the reach beyond the physical location. These events also include interactive workshops, demonstrations, or pop-up stores, providing customers with unique experiences that they can share online, generating excitement, and driving traffic to both online and offline channels. 

Personalised Marketing Campaigns 

Omnichannel marketing enables malls to deliver personalised marketing campaigns tailored to individual customer preferences. By analysing customer data and behaviour, malls can segment their audience and create targeted messaging that resonates with specific customer groups. Personalisation can include personalised email marketing, customised offers based on purchase history, and tailored content on social media platforms. This level of personalisation enhances engagement and increases the likelihood of conversions, as customers feel valued. 

Continuous Innovation and Adaptation 

The retail landscape is dynamic, and consumer expectations evolve rapidly. Malls must embrace a culture of continuous innovation and adaptation to remain competitive. By staying abreast of emerging technologies, consumer trends, and industry best practices, malls can proactively incorporate new channels, features, and strategies into their omnichannel marketing efforts. Experimenting with emerging technologies like chatbots, voice assistants, or virtual reality experiences can create unique and memorable shopping experiences. By being agile and adaptable, malls can stay ahead of the curve and ensure that their omnichannel marketing strategies remain effective in an everchanging retail environment.

Implementing omnichannel marketing strategies empowers malls to create a comprehensive and compelling shopping experience that connects with customers across various channels. By embracing personalisation, enhancing customer engagement, leveraging influencer and user-generated content, integrating loyalty programs, and fostering continuous innovation, malls can effectively drive footfall, increase customer experience, and thrive in the evolving retail landscape. 

About the Author 

A communication specialist, Gaurav Balani spans his advertising and marketing experience for over 15 years. Further strengthening his capabilities in the entertainment and retail space, he has developed an extensive array of work with prestigious organisations like Inox Leisure Ltd, Group M and Percept. 

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