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87% Indians will pay to get convenience: Facebook Survey

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Facebook commissioned Ipsos to survey 12,500 online people aged 18-64 across 14 global markets during August-September 2020 and found that, around the world, people are on the hunt for new ways to reclaim their time, find joy in online shopping, interact with brands, and participate in global and local communities through emerging technologies.

The survey found that 87% Indians will pay to get convenience.

People continue to experiment with different features and services in their search for convenience. Brands that figure out how to give people time back may earn a timeless place in consumers’ hearts and wallets – whether that means offering more frictionless shopping, more mobile payments or faster service via messaging apps.

The participation paradigm

While online shopping has advantages such as speed, convenience and transparency, many consumers still crave the communal and joyful experience of in-person shopping. With the emergence of new technologies such as AR (augmented reality) and live shopping, people are embracing digital tools that allow them to connect with brands, products and other customers on a deeper level.

Globally, 73% say they’re interested in trying new and different ways of shopping, and 82% say that social media has heightened their expectations around brand interaction. However, brands should not mistake the expectations of exciting technologies for carte blanche to build just for the sake of it. Consumers are looking for engaging experiences that invite participation, foster connection and inform decision making, such as virtual fittings and 3D detailing.

People surveyed globally express a growing interest in immersive online shopping experiences

  • 78% say Augmented Reality is a fun way to interact with brands but feel AR needs more development to become truly useful
  • While only 14% have tried live shopping in the last one year, 86% of Live Shoppers expect their usage to increase in the coming year

The survey found that people are engaging in online communities to gather information, educate themselves, interact with brands, get different perspectives and connect with like-minded individuals across the globe (from farmers to teachers sharing knowledge they need to thrive). They are also connecting with those who are physically nearby in order to build neighbourhood bonds, sell products and tackle local challenges.

The Entrepreneur’s Edge

According to the Facebook survey, in many of the world’s fastest-growing markets, people’s spirit of entrepreneurship often erupts from a melting pot of creativity, ingenuity, necessity and ambition. This creates a powerful connection between entrepreneurs and the local communities that actively support them.

For many shoppers, local entrepreneurs are seen as important creators, defined by perseverance and sacrifice. This perception often translates into a desire to show solidarity: 91% of consumers surveyed say they actively support and buy from local businesses and entrepreneurs. This deep sense of interconnection doesn’t mean people will blindly follow local entrepreneurs, but it does suggest they are willing to pay a premium as long as products and services are at least as good as alternatives.

People surveyed say local entrepreneurship is being empowered by new digital and social technologies:

  • 91% actively support and buy from local businesses and entrepreneurs
  • 34% of these “entrepreneur activists are entrepreneurs themselves
  • 94%believe that technology and social media has made it easier for people to start a business



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