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Tablez to accelerate expansion plans of Desigual in India

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Tablez, the leading organized retail group, launched the store of the acclaimed Spanish fashion brand – Desigual at DLF Avenue Mall, Delhi. The company is all set to activate the expansion plan of the international brand in India.
Commenting on the launch, Adeeb Ahamed, Managing Director, Tablez, said, “It gives us immense pleasure to bring the international fashion brand Desigual to India. We are positive that Desigual’s emphasis on a distinctive and individualistic fashion statement is in line with the city’s young adult population and its evolving aspirations. We hope Desigual’s colourful and original garments will enable them to tell their own personal stories, and express values like diversity and the freedom to be themselves.”
“International expansion and growth is one of the main business priorities for Desigual and, introducing the brand to India is our strategy to make it happen. It is expected that the Indian fashion industry grow fast and will become very digital. This will position the country in the top markets of the world. For that reason, India has become a strategic country for international brands as Desigual, with an omnichannel approach” explains Jordi Balsells Channel Strategy Director in Desigual.
“Desigual is focusing on reaching a youth audience and India is one of the Asiatic markets with highest potential to connect with new generations. Furthermore, the Indian consumers have a high sense of fashion and appreciate brands’ storytelling. These preferences are aligned with Desigual essence and its differential value proposal” adds Balazs Krizsanyik, Country Manager, Japan in Desigual.
Desigual is characterised by the individuality and the unique character of its creations designed to authentically dress anyone who wants to be 100 percent themselves and express their most creative side. The brand is Mediterranean in spirit, and this is where the inspiration comes from, which is conveyed through the designs, stores, and communication. Through its unique garments, Desigual aims to inspire people to be themselves and invite them to celebrate their authenticity. The brand adjusts to the needs of every customer through different categories like woman, accessories, and footwear. Collections include new designs, shapes, and patterns, and use sustainable materials and new fibers to offer a high-quality product.
The Desigual concept store is an expression of spirit and identity and enhances customers’ experience by delivering a 100% Desigual shopping experience. The aesthetic, comfortable, and relaxed interiors is where customers can see a clear distribution of the garments, making the shopping experience enriching, easy, and effective. One of the chief highlights is the Spring-Summer 2020 collection, defined by color and sustainability, featuring new designs and styles. Desigual’s bold and beautiful fashion statement, with its unique designs and bright hues, is sure to be a popular hit with the Indian fashion palate.
India Journey
Desigual was introduced in India via an online space in December 2019 by Tablez in association with Myntra. Its first offline store was launched in August 2020 at Vegas Mall, Dwarka. Having received a fabulous response offline and from the popular e-commerce portal since its inception in India, Tablez group unveiled yet another exclusive outlet of Desigual in the capital city at DLF Avenue Mall on October 08, 2020.
“We launched in India on the online platform towards the end of the year 2019. We partnered with Myntra and got a fabulous response. Later, we launched the first store in March at the Vegas Mall in Delhi NCR and this is the second store at DLF Avenues, Saket. Due to such an unfortunate occasion that occurred globally, there have been a few deferrals indeed, nevertheless, currently we operate with two stores in India alongside the online channel,” says Vasudevan, COO, Tablez India.
“The first two stores we have launched are of around 1,000 sq.ft. area but we are looking at adding new categories in India of the brand and we are aiming for a store size of 1,200 to 1,500 sq.ft. for the future stores,” adds Taruna Verma, Business Head, Desigual India.
The brand is focusing on Tier I cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru as part of first phase expansion.
“Having said that, post analyzing the pandemic situation, we shall definitely move into the key markets like Chandigarh, Hyderabad for expansion,” says Vasudevan.
Product Portfolio
Desigual, as a brand, besides and before dressing bodies, believes in dressing people. Desigual has a very unique characteristic when it comes to design, as it offers with various prints and colors. It also consists tons of basics in the collection where 70 percent of the collection has no print at all and usually is a one-color item.
“Our main categories are women, shoes, accessories and bags. We are also about to launch men, kids and sports categories soon. So, in all, we have 6 categories: Women, Men, Kids, Accessories, Shoes and Sports. From an assortment point of view we can sum it up in a nutshell that there are 2 U’s and 2 V’s i.e. Unique and Urban, urban for the urban consumers, versatile and vibrant, so that sums up in terms of how the entire collection is made and there are certain looks and certain capsules that we always do in terms of the assortment,” explain Krizsanyik and Balsells.
“For example, we have a very vibrant African theme collection which is inspired by the ochre and lot of African prints. The consumers who are looking in more towards subtle category, Desigual also have the black and white theme that very much compliments the subtleness in terms of color and for everyday wear purpose yet fashionable. The brand also has floral collection that actually makes up the entire assortment very vibrant,” adds Raymond, Buying and Merchandising Head, Desigual India adds.
Target Audience
The target audience is A+ and A female audiences from the age group of 25 to 45 years in India.
“These are the modern women who are versatile, who like bold colors, who are not afraid of trying new trends and are not shy of expressing themselves,” states Verma.
Marketing Strategy
The focus of the brand is to reach consumer through digital and social media marketing, along with key opinion leaders in the fashion segment.
“We have adopted an approach of ‘aspire, acquire and engage’ as the way forward in terms of strategy, we make the brand aspirational to our set of target audience, we acquire the interest of our customers and then enable them to engage with the brand,” Abhishek Pange, Marketing Head, Tablez India says.

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