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The evolution of voice commerce

How voice shopping has evolved with time and advances in technology and how retailers are using it to personalise experiences New Delhi: “Ok Google, where can I find the best phones near me,” or “Ok Google, show me red tees...

Slang Labs unveils multilingual voice search assistant Conva 2.0 for e-commerce shoppers

The initiative brings the concept of a readily available AI co-pilot that end-users of e-commerce apps can talk to in their own language Bengaluru: Google-backed voice assistant platform Slang Labs has launched Conva 2.0, a multilingual AI co-pilot for e-commerce shoppers,...

Restructuring operations as fashion retail revives

‘Hope is like a miracle that gives you a new tomorrow’. Hope, to wake up each day, a little further from the standstill, to crawl, walk or tread in search of a better future is what the new normal...
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Killer Jeans maker KKCL to invest Rs 35 cr in FY25 on capacity expansion, new stores

KKCL had cash of Rs 390 crore in its books and is paying the Rs 166 crore for the...
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