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Cloud Kitchens: Cooking up a storm in the foodservice industry

Cloud Kitchens, Dark Kitchens, Internet First Kitchens, Online Kitchens, Delivery Only Kitchens, Ghost Kitchens – these are all the different names given to the fastest growing food delivery business in India and perhaps, globally. Essentially, a kitchen without a...

Market Intelligence, Innovation, Self-Disruption and Localisation: Major trends in India’s food retail sector

At India’s largest food retail intelligence event, India Food Forum 2020, industry leaders from food retail and market research shared sharp insights on the Indian industry and presented ideas to drive its growth. India Food Forum 2020 began today...
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Rural India a ‘bright star’ for FMCG sales; will continue to outpace urban expansion in Q2 of 2024: Kantar

This growth in the rural areas is helped by region-centric measures by the government in the interim budget earlier...
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