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A case for using DevOps in retail

DevOps in retail has the power to identify transformation objectives, drive retail operations using data, and improve revenue cyclesThe popular quote by Marc Andreessen—"Software is eating the world”—is more relevant today than ever before. The modern-day adaptation is “Software...

Making CX click for small businesses

Small and medium e-commerce businesses can use CX to level up their growth. Here’s how…By Jenny ChooThe estimated revenue of the Indian e-commerce business in 2022 stood at US$79 billion and is expected to reach US$350 billion by 2030,... launches INBOX to elevate customer and agent experience

Customer experience (CX) automation platform,, has launched a new solution - INBOX - a unified omnichannel customer support helpdesk for agents to seamlessly manage customer queries across 35+ conversational channels. With an intuitive UX, INBOX enables agents to...

Companies need to begin digital transformation now to survive in the new world

Amid the slow recovery of COVID-19, it may be tempting for companies to stick with what is comfortable and delay ambitious digital transformation projects until more stable times. However, leading data and analytics company GlobalData notes that this would...

‘PriceTrac helps online retailers make intelligent pricing decisions’

PriceTrac technology, offered by Mumbai-based Ugam Solutions, enables online retailers to develop a proactive pricing strategy for specific items and improve margins. In conversation with Gaurav Kumar of, David Schoenfeld, VP, Sales and Marketing, Ugam Interactive Solutions, the...
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Achieving `100 crore a month revenue gave us wings to soar higher

V Muhammad Ali, CEO Forum Malls, Prestige Group, speaks about Forum South Bengaluru entering the Big Billion Club and...
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