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1441 Pizzeria

Krishna Gupta, Managing Director, 1441 Pizzeria

Krishna Gupta Managing Director 1441 Pizzeria 1441 Pizzeria was started by Gupta out of the passion for fine Italian pizzas, and to bring to the masses something which is traditional Italian at a reasonable price. Hailing from the most coveted business house Lloyd's...

Restaurateurs stand divided on Government's decision to make service charge optional

Across the world, service charge or gratuity is common practice and accepted by diners as they know this is an emolument for the entire crew – front of house, kitchen, housekeeping, cleaners, security et all which works through odd...

What's being served hot on the foodservice platter in 2017

India’s exponential growth and consumption in terms of frequency of eating out and experimentation with cuisines and concepts has given the food and beverages services sector such a fillip that this industry is currently estimated to be worth US...
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Retail Tracker: Store launches surged 44% in Q4 FY 24, East saw double growth

The fourth quarter of the FY 2023-24 also saw funds raised worth over Rs 1,100 crore by several D2C...
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