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P. Rajan Mathews

From Kiranas to Corporates: The evolution of modern retail in India

Food & FMCG products in India were typically retailed in small individually or family-owned and operated stores located in villages, city neighborhoods, and large...

Pandemic Lockdown: Advantage for packaged food manufacturers

Pankaj Mahajan lives in Noida with his dietitian wife Rohini and two teenaged children Rahul and Rashmi. He has the habit of buying household...

Why processed chicken is just 5 per cent of the total poultry market!

India’s poultry industry represents a major success story. While agricultural production has been rising at the rate around two per cent per annum over...

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How FMCG companies are rethinking packaging to become eco-friendly

More and more companies are opting for sustainable approaches to packing of FMCG products for e-commerce. Here’s an overview...