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Gaurav Soni, Head, INFINIA Retail India

In-Store Security: A fix in the times of digital retail

In 2009, the Indian retail industry topped the barometer of ‘Global Retail Theft’ making shoplifting and employee theft as biggest causes of retail shrinkage. In...

The art of running a restaurant, a business that makes or breaks it!

Are you thinking of opening a restaurant or already are running one? We say with caution that as exciting as a restaurant business sounds,...

Is the competition sleeping with your customers?

Burberry would have died a decade ago had it not been for its digital re-birth. It all began back in 2006 when Angela Ahrendts took...

Riding The Wave Of Omnichannel Retailing: How Are Brands Doing It?

In the battle between offline and online retail, who is winning? As the companies are divided between offline (brick-and-mortar stores) and online (e-tailers), we are...

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