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Retail Technology in India – from there to here

Dominated by small format stores – referred to as Mom-n-Pop shops, retail primarily focused on need based shopping to the Indian diaspora. It was...

Cloud Computing: A new era in retailing

To influence purchasing decisions and give time-pressed, on-the-go, digitally connected customers what they value and expect, retailers today need to build detailed consumer profiles from...

Viewpoint: Opportunities for SME retailers to grow non-linearly

Kirana stores, other SMEs, and all other formats of entrepreneur, family-owned or multi-generational businesses have rediscovered their niche in the Indian economy...

Opportunities for SME retailers to grow non-linearly

The e-commerce boom has started deflating the second time in as many decades; hyper valuations are coming back to terra firma, easy funding is...

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Retail Tracker: Store launches surged 44% in Q4 FY 24, East saw double growth

The fourth quarter of the FY 2023-24 also saw funds raised worth over Rs 1,100 crore by several D2C...