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Expert Speak: The growth of digital retail by 2020

Driven by urbanization, attitudinal shifts and income growth, India’s retail market is expected to double from US $ 600 billion in 2015 to US...

Expert Opinion: Upcoming trends in Indian e-retail

India has emerged as the fastest growing economy in the world, as per Central Statistics Organisation (CSO) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), with...

E-wallets: The future of transactions for the Indian consumer

India has essentially been a cash-based economy, amassing a value of physical currency estimated to be over 11 per cent of GDP, topping the graph...

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Footwear brand Trase reacquired from Upscalio, raises $0.5mn

Trase was acquired by Upscalio in 2021 as part of its strategy to build a diversified portfolio of brands...