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How Nuutjob pioneered men’s intimate hygiene category in India

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The company started with three products and now it has expanded offerings to over 9 products including one product for women 

Bengaluru: Sister duo Anushree and Ananya Maloo gave shape to Nuutjob in order to bring men a hygienic way to keep their intimate parts healthy and dry. The brand creates no-nonsense products without any harmful ingredients, senseless rigmarole, or needless middlemen.

Understanding the market niche

The male intimate hygiene and grooming category has seen great growth in the past year. Nuutjob entered the category when there was almost no brand catering to the intimate hygiene category let alone be entirely premised around it. “To where we stand today there is so much that has transpired not just for us as a brand but for the segment, as well. We would like to mention that a big part of the credit also goes to hit Indian television reality show Shark Tank India that rather enabled us to validate a segment to the masses further. Data wise the personal grooming segment is growing and the male grooming industry stands at Rs 16,800 crores and was growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 45%. Against this backdrop, many new brands have come up to cater to the newfound demand for specialized products,” Ananya Maloo, co-founder, Nuutjob points out.

Even though the sister-duo was influenced by their own leanings and insights and set out to solve the problem of men’s hygiene with their stellar innovation. But, there is no denying that being women it was challenging for them to hold a conversation with men regarding the products they were bringing to the table. Anushree Mallo, co-founder, Nuutjob points out, “We figured that you cannot bore them with facts. The best way to have a conversation about something embarrassing is to make it funny and that’s where the idea stemmed to interlace our brand messaging of education of male intimate hygiene with humour”.

Strategy for growth

Nuutjob is aiming to strengthen its reach by stepping into the offline space and building a robust team of over 20 members. In order to do this, the brand continues to personalise personal hygiene and thus is constantly building a product range that is very dependent on its conversations with the customers. “We have tried to diversify and bring about solutions for the modern man on the go and for the customers who have previously used messy and non-performing options. There is so much that there can be done in this space and we are just getting started. At the start of the year, we were just three products big and now we have expanded our offerings to 9 products including one product for women,” Ananya comments.

Anushree here adds, “Innovation that makes things easy and fuss-free is the cored2c reason we started Nuutjob. That still remains the core of the company, to bring forth solutions to issues that have very make-do options right now. To be in a space like this, especially two women is trendsetting enough for us at the moment. However, we hope to be more than the gender that drives the company we hope to be the company that truly drives for the better addressal of intimate hygiene, one which is not laced with embarrassment and shame”.

Marketing the right voice

The founders feel that Nuutjob is a brand that can make you laugh but also leave you with something to think about at the end. For a segment like theirs, the team believes that the best marketing bet is videos.

The videos are more on how and why you should use the products in fun ways. The team believes those engage and convert audiences faster along with keywords that they have noticed are common pain points for people on search engines and marketplace searches. Keeping true to their brand promise of ‘solving problems’ for their customer, the brand works towards making super-fast delivery a USP for it. At the moment Nuutjob is only online but has ventured into having fulfilment warehouses across cities in which they are seeing great traction to enable same-day to 24-hour delivery. FBA by Amazon and other marketplaces also enables the team to refine the brand’s discoverability on marketplaces.

Brownie Points

  • The brand sells through Amazon (India, UAE, Saudi Arabia), Flipkart, JioMart, Meesho, Pharmeasy, Swiggy Minis, Try Kiya, Kindlife, Posy Luxury, etc.
  • Nuutjob is bootstrapped, and has raised money through CSOPS crowdfunding without
    dissolving equity.
  • The brand wants to set a benchmark of quality with anything related to intimate hygiene for men with its exclusive product range.

First appeared in The India D2C Yearbook 2022

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