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This global retail brand has its own satellite network

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While Amazon is considered the most valuable retail brand in the world, the American retail corporation, Walmart is much ahead of it. It will be surprising for you to learn that with a net worth of US$548.743 billion, Walmart has its own Private Satellite Network which was created in 1987 with $24 million in order to keep a link between every Walmart store and its base camp. It was ruled as the largest private satellite communication network. It allows a smooth transfer of data between headquarters, distribution centres, stores and suppliers as well as helps management to communicate with all employees and the managers from every store to get direct feedback. The network uses a Ku-band satellite transmission between Bentonville, Arkansas and all the other locations. The network saves telephone communication by around 20 to 30%. The global retailer has around 10,526 stores and clubs in 24 nations under 48 unique names.

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