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How the home fragrance market has transformed in India

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India has always been a country of olfactory indulgence, where incense, attar and aromatherapy were present since centuries, where essential oil perfume were an indispensable part of the royal lore. India was known to be a leader in the world of perfumes. The art of making perfumes is as old as the Indus Valley Civilization. Consumption of fragrances was enormous in India as it has always placed social and cultural importance on scents. Be it a prayer, ritual, celebration, spirituality and well-being, fragrances were a crucial aspect in each of them.

Today the fragrance industry is not bound to only perfumes or incenses. Fragrances have become the part of our lifestyle. From personal care products to home and car essentials, fragrances are witnessing a major transformation. Home fragrance industry is gaining momentum and moving to a lifestyle trend and are now considered to be a quintessential part of our way of life. Therefore, fragrances at homes these days are not considered a luxury anymore and are gradually becoming an indispensable part of everyone’s life.

Home fragrance market in India – Upcoming trend

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the role fine fragrances can play in their living space with their calming properties. In seeking to create a feeling of connection, well-
being and warmth in their homes, they are cozying up to home scents more than everbefore.

Sustainable scented candles make their way
Lately, consumers are seen to have a growing tendency and knowledge to experiment before zeroing down to the fragrance of their choice for the home. Scented candles have captured a considerable market share here. Gone are the days when home fragrances were limited to sprays and aerosols. Although,
today people want to experiment with different fragrances, they are also concerned about the effects of these sprays on their health. Hence, sustainable candles with good fragrances are making their way to the market. Made out of toxic-free, natural raw materials and pleasant scents, these candles are dominating the fragrance market with large customer base.

The market share of scented candles is predicted to increase many folds, given the rising spending power of consumers today and also proclivity towards candles as a source of fragrance and home décor. As most of them are now moving to a healthier lifestyle, their choices on scented candles are brands that use organic, sustainable and toxin-free raw materials.

Raw materials – Key factor
Raw materials play a key role in producing fragrances and India remains one of the leading exporters of fragrant raw materials, and it is not uncommon for noses from prestige fragrance companies to travel to India for the best quality ingredients. Most companies today produce scented candles, but its ingredients, toxic elements are not spoken about.

Chemicals such as paraffin wax make it easier to work with, way cheaper and performs really well. However, it can be a burden on the environment as well as health. Many researchers suggest that candles with paraffin and other chemicals can increase indoor air pollution drastically. Aware of the effects of these chemicals, consumers today prefer sustainable candles which are free of dyes, parabens, pesticides or other harmful chemicals. The most natural wax blend not only burns clean, but also maintains the integrity and volume of fragrances, allowing every nuance to burn through. Bee, soy and coconut wax has a host of positive properties which include neutralizing pollutants and eliminating dust, odor and mold.

Home fragrance and the Indian Economy
The home fragrance sector without any doubt is growing at an unprecedented pace. The industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20 percent in India and it should be noted that the global average is just 4.6 percent.

Need for Made in India products

India can produce organic fragrant raw materials which have huge demand around the world. In home fragrances and décor sector, in addition to candles growing as a primary category, consumers have a growing interest in trends like aromatherapy and enhancing their houses with natural home scents.  consumption has given the candle making market a strong foot in the economy and is becoming a great business plan. Keeping in mind the demand and the availability of natural resources, India can produce more sustainable candles within the country itself and export them to the global markets.

Way Forward

The home fragrance industry especially with scented candles has been unorganised, with most of them building businesses in the small and medium segment. If the current trends are any indication, this segment is set to become a much larger market in the future. It is estimated that in a few years, India will certainly see a significant upward growth trend, given the increasing scale of local businesses and the increasing need and demand for standardization of products.

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