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KW Delhi 6: An essence of ‘freedom shopping’

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Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar
A multimedia journalist with over eleven years of experience in print and digital media, Sandeep Kumar is assistant editor with Images Group. Books, retail, sports and cinema are an inextricable part of his life.

With a vision to revolutionise the entire real estate sector, KW Group has been creating new benchmark projects to transform the lifestyle of the society and KW Delhi 6, Ghaziabad is one example of this. Located in Rajnagar Extension, KW Delhi 6 is an ongoing commercial project with most advanced and latest gamming options in world, best of local and international cuisines, as well as optimisedan blend of renowned Indian and international brands under one roof. With the promise of delightful shopping experience to all, KW DELHI 6 is ready to write a new story of customer experience and to establish a new benchmark for the success.
“The imagination of a commercial project in residential hub of Raj Nagar extension was a huge challenge for us. KW Group was first in the country to lunch two commercial projects in January 2017 post demonetisation. The market condition was adverse, and it required massive courage to come out with a real estate project in a Tier II City. In just two years’ time, the feeling of accomplishment has surpassed and superseded every other feeling,” says Pankaj Kumar Jain, Director, KW Group.
Factors Influencing Popularity
Apart from the infrastructural growth explosion in the Ghaziabad, KW Group has the benefit of being the first mover in the region. The project has access to an organised residential hub with a catchment of approximately 3 lakh people.
Adding to this, it is essential to note that there is no competition for KW Delhi 6 in near future absolutely. The mall is a door opener for many national and international brands, restaurants and gaming arcades and zones in the Ghaziabad region.
“Rajnagar Extension today is one of the most preferred investment destinations in NCR. The infrastructural development and decisions like conversion of Hindon Airport to domestic Airport, Hindon Elevated Road, Eastern and western Peripheral corridors, metro connectivity and a proposed international cricket stadium have added a new dimension to the area. And all these factors have added more weightage to our project,” states Jain.
The Tenants
A right tenant mix plays a pivotal role in the success of every shopping destination.
“We intend to convert KW Delhi into an ‘Experience Destination’ rather than just a simple shopping destination .Therefore, we finalise our tenant through a series of established selection processes in accordance with our zoning plan. During the selection of tenants, utmost care is being taken to ensure that the end result is an ultimate consumer experience to the end user,” explains Jain.
Brands in the Mall
The key brands in the mall are:
– Being Human
– Park Avenue
– The Raymond Shop
– Color Plus
– Van Heusen
– Elini
– Louis Philippe
– Allen Solly
– Belle Lady
– Peter England
– Jockey
– Kiaasa
– Riyaz Gangji
The food outlets and restaurants include Domino’s, Wow Momo, Wow China, Moti Mahal Delux, Nirula’s, Café Coffee Day, Bread and Crumbs, Baskin Robbins, Chai Thela and Dosa Pride. The mall also has an outlet of Looks Salon and Himalaya Opticals.
“In keeping with our name, KW Delhi 6 has special fondness for local brands and has created a special zone for them at the ground floor and second floor. The idea is to create a perfect blend of local, national and international brands and to offer a complete range of shopping options and experience in line with Delhi 6’s essence of ‘Freedom Shopping’,” says Jain.
New Brands in the Pipeline
The mall is all set to welcome new brands in the near future. “We have already extended our arms to welcome all the new brands, as we believe that their enthusiasm dedication and energy level, when blended with our vision, will create a new horizon of success for the market to follow. After understanding the concept of brands, we try to position them in accordance with our zoning plan. As per our commercial understanding, we consolidate this association by providing a rent free period, free promotional activities during the period and many more customised options,” states Jain.
As the essence of KW 6 is freedom shopping, the zoning plan at the mall is designed with due diligence discussion and deliberation, to ensure a free flow shopping experience to the user in each and every corner of the mall. Here’s a look at the zoning map of KW Delhi 6:
Talking about the competition, Jain explains, “Rajnagar Extension is a residential area and there are no organised shopping options in the area. Our competition would be with unorganised local markets and convenient shops in various societies. However, KW believes in self competition, as we offer optimum space per walk-in and above all a personalised world class service.”
Events & Activities
KW 6 is planning to form a promotional and event management committee that would have representation from associated brands. “We will be dividing events in different categories, and each category will have tangible goals associated with it. We plan to make a yearly event calendar based on due diligence, market factors and sentiments, festive season, social events and occasions and the implementation of this calendar would be taken care of by the event management committee,” says Jain.
The three factors associated with the events are footfall, conversion ratio and average sale per walk in. “However, the conversion ratio and average sale per walk-in are substantially important and one needs make continual effort to increase the monthly growth in the conversion ratio and average sale per person,” adds Jain.
Marketing & Promotional Strategies
The mall intends to create another committee in association with brands to care of all the marketing and promotional strategies. “A collective fund would be allocated for the purpose, along with a in-house dedicated team which will analyse, interact, monitor and implement the strategies under the guidance of the established committee,” explains Jain.
KW Delhi 6 intends to implement the latest options of available technologies such as AR, VR and AI, holography for gaming and mall management.
“The idea is to create a mesmerising impact on the end user not only with our personalised cordial service but with the best of the available technologies in the world. In fact, with our latest association with Jadooz Cinema, we are planning to launch a personalised cinema experience, where a group of viewers can watch a movie, play, web series, Netflix or Amazon content of their choice. There are other features as well which we will introduce soon but we can’t reveal them now as we want to maintain to the element of surprise and curiosity among the visitors,” reveals Jain.
Phy-gital stores & In- Store Innovations
The Phy-gital store is the future of Indian retail. Our shopping habits are transforming very fast with the technological advancement globally. From physical shopping, there is substantial shift today online shopping and now to bridge the gap between physical and digital shopping the concept of Phy-gital stores is exponentially enhancing and it is definitely the future as per as retail shopping is concerned.
“The extension of available technologies can enhance the customer experience in many ways , starting from digital mannequin, humanoid store manager , AR and VR display of the product , AI to learn and analysis customer behavior and choice , Inventory management and update , the possibilities are immense and we would be doing lot of this with support and coordination of the brand,” says Jain.
Food Court
“Apart from giving the best of local and international cuisines as well as a world class experience, we are planning to incorporate latest technologies available at our food court, to create a long lasting impact on our customers. We are planning to bring humanoid wait staff , VR /AR concept in food serving and table entertainment,” concludes Jain.

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