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SCAI to Engage In, Encourage Development of the Indian Shopping Centre Industry

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The Shopping Centres Association of India (SCAI), an NPO (nonprofit organisation), has been set up with the vision to engage in, and encourage, the development of the Shopping Centre Industry in India, by equipping it with the requisite knowledge base and operational skills, to enable it to assume its rightful place in the society, the economy, and the world.
SCAI will aim to play an anchor’s role in the evolution of the Indian Shopping Centre Industry and to consolidate the entity of the individual shoppingcentre, helping it merge into the larger society as an institution of importance. The association aims to achieve this by:

  • Developing the distinct function of the shopping centre towards marketing of consumer goods and services
  • Building up – and inspiring – a body of focused research into the architecture, aesthetic and design aspects of shopping centres
  • Encouraging the development and spread of sophisticated management paradigms and maintenance methods
  • Being a knowledge resource centre that collects, analyses and disseminates information on techniques of profitable operation Delving into macro-economic, legislative and marketing factors with a bearing on the Shopping Centre Industry and guiding members to come on their own as credible, responsible and forward thinking stewards in the arena of shopping centre development and management.
    This attempt by SCAI to bridge the gap between the Indian shopping centre industry and the retail industry, and create important linkages between the two will be brought about through:
  • Creating a research cell that will support design, centre management, marketing and promotion, and thereby create or redefine the rules of the industry
  • Developing new managing parameters for creating profitable operations from the experienced institutions, which will support upcoming (individual) centres and the industry
  • Working towards marketing and promotional activities affecting the shopping centre industry and guiding it towards creating new techniques for growth

The Structure of SCAI
SCAI has 105 members comprising mostly mall and real estate developers. Its Board of Directors include:
1. Chairman: Amitabh Taneja, IMAGES Group
2. Nikhil Chaturvedi – Prozone INTU
3. Shishir Baijal – Knight Frank
4. S Raghunandan – Bhartiya Group
5. Rahul Saraf – Forum Group, Kolkata
6. Harshvardhan Neotia – Ambuja Neotia
7. Rajneesh Mahajan – Inorbit Malls
8. Mukesh Kumar – Infiniti Malls
9. Shibu Philips – LuLu Mall
10. Abhishek Bansal – Pacific Mall

A SCAI Board of Directors Meet was held in Mumbai at Hotel Renaissance, Powai Mumbai on the 27th March 2019. The agenda of the meeting was ‘Confirmation of Resolutions Passed Through Circulation for Appointment as Additional Directors of Company’.
The meeting was attended by the following Board of Directors: Amitabh Taneja, Images Group; Nikhil Chaturvedi- Prozone INTU; S Raghunandan, – Bhartiya Group; Rajneesh Mahajan, Inorbit Malls; Mukesh Kumar- Infiniti Malls; Shibu Philips- Lulu Mall.

Agenda of the Meeting

The other things listed on the agenda included:
To lay out the road map of activities to be undertaken by the company in upcoming financial year including appointment of senior level management employees and finalisation of membership fee structure.

To acknowledge the status of “Supporting Association”extended to SCAI at the Shopping Centre Awards conducted by IMAGES Multimedia Private Limited.

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