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IKEA begins recruitment process in Hyderabad; to hire around 7,500 women workers by 2030

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IKEA, the world’s biggest furniture retailer – which will be opening its first India store spread across 400,000 sq.ft. in Hyderabad in December 2017 – has already started its recruitment process in India.
Elaborating on the recruitment plans for India, Country Head – HR, IKEA Retail, Anna-Carin Mansson told Indiaretailing Bureau’s Charu Lamba, “At present, IKEA has started the recruitment process in Hyderabad and will soon be followed by Mumbai and Bengaluru. IKEA plans to hire 500-700 direct co-workers at each IKEA store in India and around 1,500 indirect co-workers around the store.”
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She further added, “IKEA will hire 50 per cent women co-workers at all levels, this translates to about 7,500 women co-workers by 2030. We will empower and nurture them to grow with IKEA and create suitable work conditions to retain them.”
IKEA aims to provide more opportunities to women in different life situations through flexible work hours, possibilities to choose suitable jobs, child care facilities at the work place and by securing a healthy and safe environment.
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The company will offer many opportunities to work in a way that suits its employees life situations. It plans to offer a flexible approach especially when it comes to women who want to come back to work after sabbaticals. In order to do the right things, IKEA takes a lot of inspiration from many companies who are all doing wonderful things to create a great workplace.
“IKEA also wants to bring back women who have taken a sabbatical and dropped out of the workforce due to marriage, child birth etc. We want to be known as a workplace preferred by women who today hesitate to join back work due to many reasons such as lack of professional trainings, societal concerns and safety issues,” Mansson stated.
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IKEA believes that a workplace with gender balance is a better workplace, there are better discussions with more perspectives and better decisions taken.
“We believe the uniqueness of every individual makes IKEA better! Being ourselves, and contributing with our uniqueness makes us all grow. Recognizing our co-workers’ differences contributes to creativity and supports our growth,” said Mansson.
“We have a unique hiring process, we believe in value base hiring and give priority to individual’s values more than their experience and degrees,” she further added.
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