Myntra to re-launch desktop version soon

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Myntra, India’s leading platform for fashion and lifestyle brands, will be launching its desktop site on June 1, 2016. The re-launch of a full-fledged site is aimed to provide convenience to a segment of customers, especially women customers, who have a marked preference for browsing and shopping on multiple platforms such as mobile, tablet and desktop.
Over the last year, Myntra’s mobile strategy witnessed huge success with 70 per cent growth and became the most loved mobile app among leading Indian e-commerce firms. Throughout the year, Myntra introduced a lot of path-breaking initiatives such as launching personalized user content and building a fashion community, creating the smallest app binaries optimized by user’s device specifications and optimizing performance for running smoothly on 2G networks and so on.
Despite many clear positives, the company has decided to revisit its strategy and re-launch the desktop site. The biggest reason for this is the feedback from Myntra’s consumers, especially women wanting desktop back.  An internal study also suggested that Myntra could expand its customer base by 20 per cent if it allowed users the flexibility of using multiple platforms for shopping.
In the next phase of Myntra’s rapid growth, the company will be launching home furnishing and jewelry, where larger screens can complement the experience on apps. Myntra expects 15-20 per cent of its sales to come from the website.
CEO, Myntra, Ananth Narayanan said, “At Myntra, we’ve always believed in taking bold calls and pushing innovation forward. We tried to do this last year because we thought we can offer consumers a much better experience on the mobile. While that is still true that the mobile experience is far superior to the web, we have recognized that some consumers still want the option to shop on the web and we are humble enough to listen to our customers.”
By June 1, 2016, Myntra will bring back some of the desktop magic. Myntra on the web may not be the most personalized one or a Myntra that one can use to shop in the back of a car; but the company promises that it will still be a beauty that will blow your mind every single time.
App-only platform
Online retailer Myntra announced the company’s transition to an app only platform from May 15, 2015 onwards, marking the end of desktop and browser based shopping. With mobile-based commerce emerging as the next biggest opportunity, Myntra took a step towards creating a differentiated shopping experience for its consumers, which will be individualised and engaging.
Commenting on the app-only strategy, then CEO, Myntra and Head of Commerce, Flipkart, Mukesh Bansal said, “We are immensely pleased to announce our transition to an app only platform and promise a very exciting & new age shopping experience to our customers. Fashion is a very personal experience. We believe that only mobile can truly deliver this experience as it captures user’s lifestyle and context in manner that no other medium does. Think of all the hardware and software features that one can leverage like camera, contact, location etc. to understand the user’s context and deliver the experience that is deeply personalised.”

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