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Pizza Hut, HUL to jointly market new ketchup and pizza brand "Twist"

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Hinductan Unilever Limited’s Kissan Ketchup and Yum! Brands have collaborated to market a new ketchup and pizza brand — Twist — in alliance with the latter’s Pizza Hut restaurant chain.
HUL will sell a ketchup with the new brand, while Pizza Hut will add the brand to its menu in the form of a new hot and spicy pizza.
“It is a barter kind of a deal where we both will come halfway with essentially all the elements needed. We will supply them products and share costs to promote the brand in terms of advertising,” Abhiroop Chuckarbutty, general manager for foods at HUL was quoted as saying.
“Kissan Twist variant will be owned by HUL” added Chuckarbutty.
“Pizza is a category which thrives on new flavours; the partnership will create excitement in our category,” Unnat Varma, general manager, Pizza Hut at Yum! Restaurants, was quoted as saying. “In pizzas, more the flavour, better the taste with sauces bringing freshness to the product and playing an important role to pull consumers,” Varma added.

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