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The Brazilian Businessman Nizan Guanaes Joins WGSN

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WGSN, company specialized in creative intelligence business, owned by media group Top Right Group, also owner of festival Cannes Lions, among other operations.
With centers in New York, Hong Kong, London and São Paulo, and 16 offices worldwide and over 17 years of experience working with global brand leaders, WGSN has an extensive multidisciplinary network of passionate experts. In total, about 500 people and over 50% of them are experts of knowledge, who put together trends, data and intelligence to deliver the answers that will put customers ahead.
WGSN products and services goes from product development to commercialization, allowing your users to reduce the risks and take assertive business decisions, either with knowledge of solutions in real time or customized through consulting.
In order to keep its leading market position, WGSN created its global creative council, which will bring the biggest names in world’s innovation and creativity to challenge the company itself and make sure the strategic direction is constantly in evolution. The businessman Nizan Guanaes, was announced as one of six members of this council, who will have worldwide reach.
The mission of Nizan it’s to help the company through a creative orientation focused on future partnerships and innovative client offerings.
“Nizan represents everything that WGSN brings: passion, entrepreneurship and a relentlessly curious and creative soul. Nothing better than having one of the brightest minds to strengthen our position as a global leader in intelligence and insight to some of the most important sectors in the world” said José Papa, Global CEO of WGSN.
The global creative council is composed of journalists, designers, academics and entrepreneurs in the digital industry, who regularly meet to discuss issues related to the company and also be involved directly with WGSN customers and partners worldwide. The first meeting will be held in Shanghai in late April.

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