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Rieter Launches R 35 Rotor Spinning Machine

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Rieter has launched semi-automatic R 35 rotor spinning machine, which  will be available with 500 spinning positions. This is the longest rotor spinning machine in its class. The R 35 is smart and economical and is combined with high productivity.

It is  an alternative for production of high-quality rotor yarns in the yarn count range from Ne 2 to Ne 40,  for applications that can dispense with full automation. The machine offers the greatest flexibility and easiest operation in its class.

Increased productivity with 500 rotors and higher speed The R 35 with up to 500 rotors is currently the longest machine in its segment. The improved spinning stability enables a high level of machine efficiency, even at maximal machine length. Due to its stable construction, it achieves constant rotor speeds of up to 120 000 min-1 and delivery speeds of up to 200 m/min.

Better yarn quality from the same raw material

The new S 35 spin box with more efficient sliver opening, designed to the newest technological
standards, allows better yarn evenness and lesser imperfection. By the means of the optimised fibre guidance in the spin box, the raw material is better utilised and the spinning stability increased. The improved yarn quality is enhanced with the developed AMIspin yarn piecer with higher strength and lower variation as well as with the new optical Q 10 quality sensor. This guarantees an excellent and comprehensively controlled yarn quality.

Easy and flexible operation

The machine concept with a low working height makes easy operation and quick handling of the
AMIspin piecer. The flexibility of the R 35 is guaranteed by two package transport belts for the yarn bobbins and independent drives for both machine sides. This means that two lots can be simultaneously spun on one machine.

Rapid start after power cut

After a power cut or clearer cuts, the R 35 can carry out piecing very rapidly because thanks to Fast Spinning-In (FSI) searching for the yarn end is eliminated. The piecing action is also easy to prepare for a whole machine so that the start can be made in the shortest possible time. In the process, all piecing are tested by the yarn clearer and have the usual high quality of the AMIspin technology.

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