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Onyx Graphics Launches the Application for Large-format Textile Printing

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Onyx Textile Edition, which is also available as a module for the Onyx Thrive workflow, includes all the functionality of the Onyx 11-colour engine with the addition of three textile-specific features.

This include a step-and-repeat and colourways tools and an ink configuration builder, which allows the quick creation of ink configurations for alternate ink sets, such as specialty textile colours, that are supported by the print device.

The company said the ink configuration builder would enable wide-format printers to create their own ink configurations to support specialty ink sets that often come to market after a device has been in service for a while.

In addition, users will benefit from the ChromaBoost technology introduced in the Onyx 11 colour engine, which enables users to achieve a better match for colours that are outside the gamut of their printer and ink set.

Onyx Graphics principal scientist Max Derhak said, “What ChromaBoost does is allow you to selectively adjust the gamut mapping strategy that is being used to get out-of-gamut colours. In some cases this results in an increase in chroma – hence the name of the feature. However, it can also result in shifts in lightness and hue depending on the shape of the gamut and where the out-of-gamut colours are in relationship to the gamut shape. This feature was implemented to better be able to support ceramics and textile printing as the gamuts can have odd shapes. It is a control with trade-offs, that can have image-dependent relationships. Other features include swatchbooks, sewing marks and proportionate scaling.”

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