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Food Orders Through Mobile App Increases in Maharashtra

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One of India’s leading online food ordering service,, conducted a survey in Maharashtra’s major cities such as Mumbai, and Pune to understand and analyse the food ordering preferences. Reflecting the current surge in smartphone usage, the survey confirms that most consumers in the state prefer to order their food through foodpanda’s mobile app. In fact, the number of orders made through this medium has increased fourfold in the last one year, highlighting the ease and convenience of the mobile app when it comes to ordering food.

Also, as per the survey, most consumers prefer to pay using the cash-on-delivery option as this allows them to check their order and food quality before payment. In percentage terms, the number of cash-on-delivery orders stood at 69 percent as opposed to 31 percent of orders that used the online payment mode.

Rohit Chadda, MD and Co-founder,, elucidates, “Maharashtra is one of our largest markets. Foodies in this state not only have distinct taste and choice of favourite cuisine, but are also extremely discerning about their preferences and the service quality. Surveys such as like these enable us to understand  likes and dislikes of the consumers and help us serve them better when it comes to food ordering.”

Pune houses a major section of student and IT population and Mumbai enjoys the status of being the business capital of the country with an incredibly fast pace of life. Therefore, these cities have always shown a high propensity for consumption of quick grub that can be eaten on-the-go. The survey highlighted the same trend with fast food emerging as the preferred cuisine.  About 51 percent of consumers ordered varieties of fast food with wraps topping the list of favourite dishes, followed by pizzas and biryanis. Italian food is the second most popular cuisine with 30 percent consumers opting for it. Chinese Cuisine orders stood at 11 percent whilst other cuisines comprised 8 percent of the total orders placed.

The survey corroborated the fact that orders peak in Maharashtra during lunch and dinner hours.  The time slots when maximum food delivery orders are placed in the state are 12 pm to 2 pm  and 8 pm to 9 pm.

According to Foodpanda, it currently  enjoys  the  largest  geographical  presence  in  India  with  coverage of 3500 restaurants across 30 cities. It  aspires  to  become  the  epitome  of food ordering  in  India  by  making  the  business  of online food delivery  delightfully  simple and hassle  free.

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