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Cafe Coffee Day Launches New Beverage Range Targeting Summers

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Café Coffee Day (CCD), one of India’s leading coffee café chain has launched a new range slushes for the summer. The range known as Brain Freeze is a combination of crushed ice with four  flavours, Green Apple Meltdown, Cool Blue, Iced Eskimo and Berry Burg. The flavours have been developed keeping the youth taste and preferences in mind.

Speaking on the occasion, K Ramakrishnan, President Marketing, CCD, says, “With the rising mercury there is the need for a serious and refreshing thirst-quencher. Brain Freeze is our latest offering this season which is a blend of cooling flavours in a tall glass of crushed ice. With the youth trend showing a strong preference for cold beverages, Brain Freeze is the perfect summer drink as it is frozen, tasty and fun. We are sure it will be a hit amongst the youth.”

Brain Freeze is available at all over 1,500 cafes across India starting at Rs 95.

Café Coffee Day’s menu ranges from signature hot and cold coffees to several exotic international coffees, food, desserts and pastries. In addition, exciting merchandise such as coffee powders, cookies, mugs, coffee filters, etc. are available at the cafés.

Café Coffee Day, part of India’s largest coffee conglomerate, Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Ltd (ABCTCL), serves the coffee it grows on the 13,000 acres of its own estates plus another 7,000 acres of managed estates, the group also sources coffee from 11,000 small growers, making its holder the largest individual coffee plantation owner in Asia, this in addition to being India’s only vertically integrated coffee company.

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