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While Ordering Food only 23 Percent Indian Customers Go by ‘Quality of Food’

Must Read, one of India’s largest online food ordering services, recently conducted a survey to understand the food ordering preferences of the global populace. The survey reveals that Indian youth are becoming increasingly discerning and brand loyal in their choices but when it comes to ordering out from restaurants; discounts and promotions win over quality. In our target base, 46 percent of customers were between the age group of 25 and 35 years.

The survey unveiled that young Indians are more price conscious than their global counterparts, when it comes to ordering food. Consumer ratings are a key purchase influencer for the young Indian foodie. Ratings sway 58 percent people in India while only 23 percent goes by quality of food. Globally, however, quality emerges as the top purchase influencer pegged at 51 percent, over other aspects such as ratings, discounts and promotional offers. Another country, Hungary, showed a similar trend as India with 33 percent preferring discounts and promotion over quality.

Rohit Chadda, MD and Founder, said, “A comparative analysis of the survey results in India and other countries, brings forth two key insights. Firstly, Indian consumers are dominantly price-conscious and secondly, there is a noticeable shift in online consumption behaviour among Indians.  There was a time when majority of people in India still looked at going online as a secondary option and the fear of buying things online was rampant. Thanks to innovation in technology and increasing penetration of smartphones and internet that a paradigm shift is witnessed, be it from the infrastructure point of view, price purchase, and internet; also from demography and consumer behavior perspective.”

“Companies were smart enough to cash in on this trend early as is testified by the sheer number of e-commerce, e-travel, e-education, portals plying the web.”

When being asked what is really important to them while ordering food from a restaurant, globally, 51 percent cited ‘food quality’ followed by 26 percent for ‘quick delivery.’ In India however, only 23 percent chose ‘food quality’ while a whopping 40 percent considered ‘promotional offers and discounts’ as more important than quality.

The ‘Foodpanda Restaurant Preference Check Out Survey’ was conducted across 34 countries, which included India, Hungary, Argentina, and Romania.

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