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Jewellery Trends Revived for the Season

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The new season not only brings afresh fashion styles but also revives the jewellery trends. For say, the heavy temple jewellery from the last season won’t compliment one’s light and fun summer dressing. The jewellery too changes every season, from motifs to silhouettes and colours.

Platinum jewellery is ruling the trend this season. It is versatility and has a minimalistic approach. “Platinum is the popular and preferred metal of choice this season. Going beyond the rarity and luminescence, it is now available at an extraordinary value and in contemporary designs which find a place in every modern woman’s jewellery box,” shares Poonam Soni, jewellery designer.

On the other side, Mumbai-based jewellery designer Varuna D Jani shares that multi-coloured stones are in trend. She further elaborates ” The colours make women look young and glamouros. Also, such pieces are versatile and can be teamed-up with various outfits and different occasions”.

Women today are opting for modern and straight jewellery pieces rather than animal or floral motifs. Rebekkah Kumar founder and director of reveals that roughly crafted metals, rows of chains and stitches and geometric shaped jewellery seem to be in vogue. She elaborates further “One can also go for distinctive jewellery like charms which is an expression of our style and our passions, and it can be fun and playful, spiritual, alluring, or even just simple and elegant”.

Apart from designs, metals and materials make the jewellery exclusive and luxurious. Silver is always in demand, but matte-finished brushed gold and rose gold are also in vogue. Rose polished metal goes very well with diamonds. Plain metal complements the coloured jewellery, and the use of gold enamel demands minimalistic touch for animal or art motifs. Gold enamel adds lustre to the jewellery piece. White gold polish with 14-karat is preffered instead of 18-karat.

The jewellery designers are using the precious stones to beautify the jewellery. At present, muti-coloured sapphires are in trend. But it is essential to strike the right balance between coloured stones and diamonds when embedded on any metal. Pearls are back in style! Light and easy designs with a few pearls as a garnish is going to be the trend of the season.

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