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From World Retail Congress: H&M is Top Performing Retail Brand in Europe

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Forrester Research today unveiled its list of the Top Performing European Retail Brands at the World Retail Congress.

Jez Hampton, group chief executive, Interbrand, presented the list of 25 retailers, and also highlighted the specific features of operation that had led to each of these brands to perform as they did last year.

Leading the list is Swedish fashion retailer H&M, whose 2008 Brand Value, according to Interbrand, is an astounding 10,366 million euros. Among other retail performers are Ikea, Tesco, Carrefour, Spanish retailers Zara, Mango, Mercadona and El Corte Ingles, and German powerhouses Lidl, Aldi and Edeka.

How were the brands valued?

Speaking to Indiaretailing, Hampton said, “Well, we identified three broad models: The Aggregator, Branded Own label, and Product Brands.”

“The first are brands that are primarily providers of manufacturer choice, environment and price to mass consumers. Examples include Tesco, Carrefour, Auchan and Asda. The second type includes brands that are primarily providers of a private-label proposition, environment and price. For instance, Zara, M&S, Mango and Aldi. And the third type of brands are primarily providers of a private-label proposition, with the majority of their products being distributed through third-party retail brands. For example, Adidas, Sony, and Levi’s,” he explained.

“However, the Top Performing Retail Brands study focuses on the first two models; it looks at brands as retailers, first and foremost,” he added.

Below is the list of the top 25 brands as ranked by Interbrand, in descending order(with the three columns representing rank, name, and brand value 2008, in million euros):

1. H&M 10,336

2. Carrefour 6,620

3. Ikea 6,516

4. Tesco 5,617

5. M&S 5,100

6. ZARA 4,112

7. Aldi 2,675

8. Boots 2,003

9. El Corte Ingles 1,930

10. Auchan 1,860

11. ASDA 1,224

12. MediaMarkt 1,094

13. Lidl 910

14. Edeka 905

15. C&A 882

16. Sephora 767

17. The Body Shop 727

18. Argos 726

19. Mango 702

20. Sainsbury’s 512

21. Kaufland 418

22. Mercadona 398

23. Fnac 379

24. Rewe 303

25. Carphone Warehouse 282

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