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Vidya Laxman

Seamless offline & online convergence makes India the best consumer story in the world

The next five years will be dedicated to the convergence of all channels and the emergence of truly new multichannel retail. The inaugural session of the Phygital Retail Convention, Live on Your Screen, on October 14-15, 2020, saw some...

Phygital Retail Convention: Convergence – Offline-Online, A Reality

2020 has delivered a VUCA disruption like never before. As the pandemic overhauled the rules of traditional retail, consumer facing businesses across the globe were subjected to a jaw-clenching ride to just stay afloat. The inaugural session of Phygital Retail...
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Lava International appoints Rajesh Sethi as group CFO

Sethi has over 27 years of financial management and strategic planning experience, will be responsible for overseeing Lava's financial...
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