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5 global brands that don’t sell online, even today

These five brands have made a conscious decision to abstain from selling their products online even in today’s digital era. Here's why… Bengaluru: We are in a digital age where e-commerce dominates the retail landscape. Revenue in the global e-commerce market...

Retailwire: Checkout Time Limit around Four Minutes

A survey from M/A/R/C Research found that four out of five shoppers are satisfied with wait times at stores in most cases. But it also found that 10 per cent were exasperated enough to...

Retailwire: Study Predicts Major Share Gain for Store Brands

Retailwire: Study Predicts Major Share Gain for Store BrandsBy Ronald Margulis, Managing Director, RAM Communications A McKinsey & Co. study presented at the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) Annual Conference in Chicago revealed that $55 billion in annual...
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Eatery chain Eve opens second outlet in Mumbai

The dining concept, parented by Monarch Liberty Hospitality, launched its first outlet in 2022Bengaluru: Monarch Liberty Hospitality’s dining concept...
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