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Pankaj Jain

KW Delhi 6 to conduct soft launch in June 2021; focus on creating a new CX journey

Since 1999, KW Group has built a distinctive reputation for itself as a committed brand. Under the leadership of Pankaj Jain (Director), and Savita Kesarwani, (Director of the Group) KW Group is surging forward and touching new heights. Led...

What the Pandemic Taught Them: Upcoming mall developers talk consumer behaviour, post-COVID designs

The beginning of the year 2020 saw a remarkable opening for the shopping mall industry. Industry experts predicted a smooth journey ahead, mall developers were bullish on the growth potential of organised retail keeping in mind the flourishing economy...

FECs come into play as Tier-II malls turn community hubs

Tier II and tier III cities are undoubtedly the future growth engines of the country. The rise in internet penetration, influence of social media and growing disposable incomes of the new generation have essentially ushered in an era of...
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Libas secures Rs 150 cr from IAF Series 5, aims to enhance omnichannel presence

This funding round by IAF Series 5, a fund managed by ICICI Venture, is the first-ever external fund raised...
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