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Mukul Bafana

4 operational areas to address for omnichannel success

Inventory management, order fulfilment, customer data management, and staffing are key areas businesses must address to derive return on their investments in omnichannel retail A wave of consolidation has hit Indian retail industry, and we look forward to a $2...

Why building omnichannel capabilities are crucial for retail businesses

With the onset of the pandemic, consumers needed a contactless way to shop. Today, they are hopping across multiple channels, while shopping brands and retailers are compelled to ensure that they offer a consistent experience across all touchpoints. The...

Customer-Centric Approach to Omnichannel Transformation

Mukul Bafana, CEO, Arvind Internet on how Arvind Internet is building seamless Omnichannel journeys for various brands...

Unlocking the elusive R.O.I in Omnichannel transformations

At the India Omnichannel Forum 2017 – held on September 19th and 20th in Mumbai, concurrently with the India Retail Forum – retail leaders met to debate ‘The Business View: Unlocking the Elusive Return-On-Investment in Omnichannel Transformations’. The roundtable,...
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Indo Count signs licensing agreement with US-based Iconix for two brands

Under the agreement, Indo Count will bring two brands, Fieldcrest and WaverlyNew Delhi: Home textile bed linen manufacturer Indo...
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