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Kuala Lumpur

McDonald’s loses exclusivity to use ‘Mc’ prefix

Fast food giant McDonald’s has lost its exclusivity to use the prefix “Mc” in Malaysia after a court here allowed a local Indian food outlet, McCurry Restaurant, to use “Mc” in its business signage.The judges of the court of...

Scissor hands

Jawed Habib is one of India’s ace hairstylists. Growing his company from a family owned business to a modern brand, run professionally with more than 102 salons all over the country. Now, with the acquisition of a set of...

Tangs in a bigger and better format

Tangs, a name in Malaysia synonymous with retail fashion, is now back as lifestyle store in a bigger and better format.Till some years back, Tangs was one of the must-shop stops in Kuala Lumpur for serious shoppers searching for...
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Libas partners with GoKwik to improve D2C customer experience

Through this collaboration, Libas aims to enhance its D2C contribution to its revenue and carve an omnichannel growth path New...
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