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Dr Madhuri Agarwal Mumbai

Size Does Matter: 5 biggest shopping malls of India

TRANSFORMING INDIA'S RETAIL REAL ESTATE LANDSCAPE The growth of modern retail has been parallel to the development of shopping malls in India. The journey that began with just two malls in 1999 has been rapid and eventful. By 2005, India...

Face reflexology: For the rejuvenated look

Today’s fast moving lifestyle brings along with it plenty of stress, pollution, unhealthy food and living patterns. While there are several chemical processes and therapies in the market which promise healthy skin, they do have certain side effects. Professionals...
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Indus Valley Cosmetics to Invest ₹40 Crores in R&D

The brand aims to enhance the visibility of its flagship product ‘Organic Gel Hair Colour’ through nationwide advertising and...
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