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Dharmesh Karmokar

Social and casual will be the buzz words in 2016

Dharmesh Karmokar, Partner and Food & Beverage consultant at Hotel Aureole, speaks to FoodService India about the growth in the demand for good quality affordable bars and newer cuisines such as Peruvian, Bhutanese and Cambodian in the times to...

Cooking Made Easy with New-Age Ingredients

The new league of chefs is increasingly opting for the new-age ingredients that are easy-to-cook, easy-to-use, and come in ready-made packs. These ingredients facilitate faster and consistent cooking. In comparison, the age-old techniques of cutting, grinding, pounding, etc, to...
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3 things malls are doing to increase profitability

Key areas in which shopping centres are doing things differently than before to improve revenues, grow profitablyNew Delhi:...
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