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Indigenous robotic solutions get an edge as enterprises look for customised AI-based automation

Noida-based company Addverb which has been in the robotics manufacturing business since 2016 has more than 20 products in the market across the worldNew Delhi: Enterprises looking for integration of AI-based automation systems in various business operations prefer home-grown...

How fashion brands are leveraging AI

From product design to marketing and virtual try-ons, here’s how the fashion majors are adopting AI in their businessTop guns of the fashion industry are heads-down to keep up with the by-the-minute evolving world of artificial intelligence. “Fast-forward five...

Swiggy introduces customised food ordering feature ‘WhatToEat’

The 'WhatToEat' feature will offer personalised recommendations tailored to users' current moods, location, order history, time of the day and other preferencesNew Delhi: Online food delivery platform Swiggy on Tuesday said it has introduced an industry-first 'WhatToEat' feature aiming...
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6 ways in which D2C Brands are redefining physical stores

From quirky fixtures to restageable elements, D2C brands do it differently when they open brick-and-mortar storesIn recent years,...
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