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Smaaash is now ‘Zoreko – Original Gamers’

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Zoreko Original Gamers is a premier gaming arena

New Delhi: Premier gaming arena Smaaash Fun Gateway Arena Private Ltd. has renamed itself to ‘Zoreko – Original Gamers’, the company said in a press release on Thursday.

By rebranding, the brand has redefined its brand identity and core values.

 “This rebranding effort is a strategic move towards aligning the brand more closely with its target audience and its core offerings. The name we have chosen, Zoreko – Original Gamers, conveys our company’s commitment and emphasis on giving our patrons an authentic and immersive gaming experience” said Avanish Agarwal, Consulting CMO,  Zoreko .

The brand plans to open its flagship outlet at Elan in the first week of June along with opening  two centres in Mohali and Patiala. They also plan to launch gaming-related merchandise and accessories.

Zoreko Original Gamers is a premier gaming arena that caters to hardcore gamers and e-sports enthusiasts. Zoreko also offers community building, hosting exclusive and early access of new games along with food and beverage menu

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