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Gargi to become a pan-India label for fashion jewellery: Director Aditya Modak

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Presently, the company account for over 1 lakh customers and offers more than 1500 live SKUs

Bengaluru: Gargi is a trend-setting brand in the fashion jewellery segment. From the house of PNG, the brand wants to register an aggressive growth story in the coming years by offering designs that the new-age customer eyes for everyday use.

Creating the niche

Fashion jewellery is a large market in India. Almost everyone wears fashion jewellery and accessories daily, but consumers face the challenge of a lack of quality and innovation. Very few brands try to break the myth that fashion jewellery can be more than pieces worn a few times and then ignored or thrown away. That’s where Gargi has identified a need to transform product placement in the segment through its exclusive range of offerings.

“We identified two major challenges faced by fashion jewellery retailers. The first challenge is quality. Most fashion jewellery makers produce low-quality products that can be sold at stores for a very low price. Gargi did thorough market research and identified the select manufacturers who could regularly produce high-quality jewellery items using our combination of 92.5% sterling silver and brass. Second, the designs typically look similar, and that’s why we have brought on talented board designers who create jewellery designs, with each piece having a story of its own. That way, we have been able to develop innovative and outstanding offerings,” Aditya Modak, Director, Gargi informs.

Identifying these challenges and understanding how the huge market in this arena is unorganised, Aditya wants to set new milestones with Gargi and wants to be a global brand in years to come with its unique offerings as a fashion brand viz quality goods, best-in-town designs, and price affordability, all at the same time.

The trends in the jewellery market change rapidly. However, there is a dominant switch in favour of fashion jewellery. People cannot wear expensive gold and diamond jewellery daily for multiple reasons, such as safety and comfort. However, they still need to make style statements through fashion jewellery that is stylish and not cheap or beachy. That’s where high-quality designer fashion jewellery from brands like Gargi is becoming a major trend.

Styling trends

Named after the ancient Indian scholar from the Ramayana era, Gargi is a brand focused on crafting masterpieces that define modern women’s traits, such as honesty, beauty, stylishness, fearlessness, and knowledge. Further, Gargi is also one of the names of Goddess Durga, and we have been representing woman empowerment through our creations. The products have been received very well, and the rich legacy of jewellery making and an up-and-coming market have kept the brand going.

A recent entrant into the market, the mother brand’s recall helped Gargi grab the right eyeballs. But Aditya wants to harp on their unique offerings which are high-quality fashion jewellery items made of 92.5% sterling silver and brass. “We have strategically built the new brand with the look and feel of a world-class fashion label. We undertook extensive deliberations, product prototypes, and consultations with manufacturers to get the right product combinations. We are relying on a comprehensive mix of social media, conventional, and content marketing to give the right push to the brand,” Aditya adds.

Fast on customer support

“We ensure that our deliveries are fulfilled on time and take fulfillment seriously. So, if there is a delivery to Mumbai or closer areas, our delivery time is 24 hours, and outside Maharashtra, thatis 48 hours. We have achieved this due to good delivery partners like Bluedart,” Aditya says when talking about the fulť llment mechanism the brand has put in place for quicker deliveries.

“ has seen very good responses in the past 10 months, and we continuously improve our customer experience on this channel. In addition, Gargi is now live on amazon; we’re going to go aggressive there too,” Aditya comments. Gargi is a self funded brand and in the long term, they want to emerge as a renowned pan-India label for fashion jewellery. In the near term, they aim to have a presence in about 25-30 shop-in-shop format stores and stand-alone kiosks in shopping malls.

Brownie Points

  • The brand accounted for its highest sale day during the Rakhi period.
  • They offer the highest number of SKUs as compared to other brands. They have more than 1500 live SKUs, currently.
  • Presently retailing through all 29 stores of PN Gadgil and sons Ltd. offline and online through its own website and Amazon.
  • They account for over 1 lakh customers today.

First appeared in The India D2C Yearbook 2022

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