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Tata CLiQ Luxury expands its pre-owned category with the introduction of exquisite luxury handbags

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The platform has on boarded Ziniosa on the Pre-Owned Timeless Icons Store to offer a curated range of authentic pre-owned handbags from renowned global luxury brands

New Delhi: After the successful launch of the pre-owned category earlier this year, Tata CLiQ Luxury, India’s premier luxury lifestyle platform, has expanded the category further by onboarding Ziniosa. With this launch, the platform will offer a curated selection of Pre-Owned Timeless Icons like luxury handbags from leading global brands known for their craftsmanship.

The pre-owned category on the platform is a strategic focus. In its continuous effort to make unique and rare pre-owned pieces easily available to people across the country, the platform will be onboarding various partners to offer products across categories. The assortment on the Pre-Owned Timeless Icons so far consisted of pre-owned luxury timepieces from the most sought-after brands, and with the introduction of Ziniosa, the digital store will now offer consumers the opportunity to shop for pre-owned luxury handbags from leading luxury brands as well, which will appeal to every fashion and luxury enthusiast.

Ziniosa distinguishes itself by championing eco-conscious choices and making luxury fashion accessible to all. As the Indian pre-owned luxury market surges, it leads the charge in redefining consumer perceptions towards mindful fashion consumption. By showcasing and offering timeless designer bags from the world’s most coveted luxury brands, it brings in an element of sophistication along with sustainability.

Commenting on the launch, Gopal Asthana, CEO, Tata CLiQ, said, “We are thrilled to expand our Pre-Owned Timeless Icons offerings with the introduction of Ziniosa on the platform. This launch not only enhances our offerings but also reflects our commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion practices. By embracing pre-owned luxury, shoppers can indulge in exquisite designer bags while supporting ecologically responsible shopping practices. So far, we’ve seen a very good response for this category on the platform, and we will focus our efforts on expanding and diversifying the offerings in this category further to cater to the evolving needs of customers as we continue to lead the way in pre-owned luxury.”

Ashri Jaiswal, Co-founder, Ziniosa, said, “We are elated to launch Ziniosa on Tata CLiQ Luxury. There’s a huge demand for pre-owned luxury handbags globally, and the demand in India is on the rise. With this partnership, we are expanding our reach further by making our extensive assortment of pre-owned luxury handbags available to people across the country.” Varun Ramani, Co-founder, Ziniosa, said, “At Ziniosa, customer satisfaction is key. We do several quality checks and an extensive authentication check before each product is listed for sale. We also offer an authenticity certificate with each order. We look forward to a successful partnership.”

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