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Consumer journey and convenience is paramount: Abhishek Ganguly

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Abhishek Ganguly, founder and chief executive officer (CEO), Agilitas hopes 2024 to be a year of opportunity to create differentiated brands and retail formats.

“I see a lot of transactions happening at a corporate level between brands,” said Ganguly.

However, in terms of consumer sentiments, Ganguly feels that it will not be too buoyant. However, Ganguly is upbeat business to pick up towards the end of the year, especially during the festive season.

On the key focus areas for this year, Ganguly highlights that his market especially the sportswear – s segment where he operates – is witnessing a phenomenal uptick and will continue to grow.

“We are doing a lot on the manufacturing and the brand side, which will come into play by the end of the year to capitalise on this growing market,” said Ganguly.

Commenting on the upcoming Phygital Retail Convention (PRC) 2024 to be held in Mumbai in May, Ganguly added that one of the good things of discussion would be always on how consumer journeys are connected for convenience.

“As a company, as an ecosystem, and as an industry, what are we doing to just enable consumers to shop in the way that they do is also very important,” added Ganguly.

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