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Established in 2019, the hair care brand Traya has achieved a repeat rate of 80% with customers

Bengaluru: In the last decade, more and more Indians have started suffering from premature hair fall and greying and baldness. Traya is treating modern hair care problems of people in the country by tailoring every aspect of a patient’s hair loss journey and providing hybrid product offerings (using Dermatology, Ayurveda, and Nutrition) for hair regrowth.

The start

Altaf Saiyed and Saloni Anand built their brand ‘Traya’ in May 2019 as a result of their personal experiences. “Altaf faced male pattern hair loss (or androgenetic alopecia) that had gotten accelerated due to thyroid, stress and poor lifestyle. We dug deeper into research to fix his health issues and had him adopt a clean, holistic life—the outcome was hair regrowth,” shares Saloni Anand.

During this journey, the duo realised that the current hair loss treatment market is broken. “No commercial shampoo, oil or serum works because hair loss needs a diagnosis and a doctor-prescribed treatment. Also, allopathy alone does not have much to offer other than just two medicines that have proven clinical efficacy for hair regrowth. We, therefore, mixed allopathy with Ayurveda and food science which turned out to be a game-changer,” adds Anand. The biggest takeaway for the duo was the realisation that like any other chronic disease, hair loss does not have a single product solution—it needs a holistic treatment that involves working on internal health.

To prove the concept, they went to the next phase of research with 55 friends and friends of friends. They gave each of these individuals a customised hair regrowth plan and pushed them to follow it for five to six months. The results that followed were exhilarating. By 2021, Traya had more than 50,000 Indians living the #Trayawayoflife.

Making a big difference

The hair care market today is saturated with shampoos and serums that claim to stop something as stubborn as hair fall. “This is why when you ask people the reason behind their hair fall, their answer would probably be pollution, hair colours or dyes, hard water or harsh chemicals. While these might be the reasons for hair damage or breakage, the reality is that 90% of the time, hair fall happens due to internal health factors including an irregular sleep cycle, hormonal imbalance, indigestion and nutritional deficiencies,” says Saiyed.

These issues, he continues, cannot merely be managed by applying something topical, which is why Traya uses a three-dimensional approach in treating hair loss from the actual root cause. “At Traya, Ayurveda allows us to take a preventive approach with the internal triggers of hair fall, while clinically proven prescription medication from dermatologists allows us to work on hair follicles for regrowth.

Finally, everything about skin and hair health comes down to nutrition; hence personalized diet plans given by our nutritionists allows customers to transition towards mindful eating which enhances their hair and skin health,” adds Saiyed. Traya’s work begins after a customer fills out the hair diagnosis form (Traya Dx) on the brand’s website and buys the customised plan. Once the kit arrives at the customer’s address, he or she is provided with a hair coach who stays in constant touch and tracks the progress. The brand also tweaks the customised plan wherever needed. “Our treatment changes as the month progresses. Our hair coaches thus act as a bridge between the doctor and the customer where they carry out regular follow-ups, guide, motivate, and help them stay on track month-on-month,” shares Anand.

After analysing over 2 lakh cases, Traya has the data to gauge whether its treatment plan will help one get guaranteed results. “We are confident enough to offer a five-month money-back guarantee on our treatment plan if one does not see the results even after religiously following the complete treatment for five months,” conveys Anand. Traya has achieved a repeat rate of 80% with customers. “Our brand does not compromise on efficacy and honesty and is loved by customers.

Our primary focus is not to sell one million SKUs [stock-keeping units] of a product but to get one million people to benefit from our treatment. So, in the next few years, we want to be synonymous with hair health and be the go-to solution for anyone who faces hair fall,” concludes Saiyed.

Brownie Points

  • Unlike other product-based brands, Traya is a solution-oriented brand with the vision to treat hair fall from the root cause.
  • It is the only brand that treats something as stubborn as hair fall from within using a three-science formula.
  • At Traya, every customer gets a well-thought-out and customised plan from the brand’s expert team of dermatologists, nutritionists and Ayurvedic practitioners.
  • The brand also provides a hair coach to every customer to guide them along their hair regrowth journey and track their progress.

First appeared in The India D2C Yearbook 2022

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