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Meet Titan, Amazon’s mobile robot that can lift up to 2,500 pounds

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Mannu Mathew
Mannu Mathew
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At present, Amazon’s SAT 1 fulfilment centre in San Antonio is the first to deploy Titan in its operations

New Delhi: Seattle-based e-commerce giant Amazon has unveiled a new robot designed to do the heavy lifting at its fulfilment centres, a blog post by the company stated earlier this week.

The mobile robot named Titan developed by Amazon Robotics Innovation Hub aimed at supporting safety and efficiency in its operations. Titan is designed to carry larger, bulkier items like small household appliances or gardening equipment, and can lift up to 2,500 pounds, the company added.

At present, Amazon’s SAT 1 fulfilment centre in San Antonio is the first to deploy Titan in its operations.

“Mobile robots like Titan work collaboratively with other robotics systems to create a safer and more ergonomic workplace that reduces repetitive motions,” writes Cosette Jarrett, Senior Writer, Amazon on the blog.

“This eliminates the need for employees to walk long distances or move heavy objects and allows employees to focus on new tasks that require new skills,” Jarrett added.

Amazon’s mobile robot
Hercules | Image Credit: Amazon

In addition to the heavy lifting capabilities, Titan integrates several other technologies like charging management, obstacle detection, user control systems and computer vision.

Amazon has already deployed robotic solutions like Sequoia, Hercules, and Proteus at its fulfilment centres.

Sequoia: It allows identifying and storing inventory at fulfilment centres up to 75% faster.

Hercules: It helps employees by travelling around facilities to retrieve shelves of products and deliver them to employees.

Proteus: It moves autonomously through and sorts facilities using advanced safety and navigation technology.

Data from the company shows that in 2022, recordable incident rates and lost-time incident rates were 15% and 18% lower, respectively, at sites where Amazon with robotic solutions deployed as compared to sites which do not have robots.

Amazon’s Robotics Innovation began in 2012 with the acquisition of Kiva Robotics. It now manufactures robots like Titan and helps create jobs across the sector. It has deployed over 7,50,000 robots in fulfilment centres across the globe.

IndiaRetailing has reached out to Amazon India for its comment on whether the marketplace major has plans to deploy Titan in its India operations and will update once Amazon responds.

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