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5 biggest malls in the world

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The size of malls is a key factor in changing how we experience shopping. Here’s a list of 5 massive malls across the globe, whose size helps create a unique and unmatched shopping and entertainment experience

Mumbai: Size matters, especially in the context of a shopping centre. It not only adds to the grandeur but also allows for offering a wider variety of not just shopping but entertainment options as well, helping create an unmatched experience.

There are enormous malls across the world where architecture and innovation blend with the world of commerce. The malls aren’t just places to shop, they’re a unique mix of shopping and entertainment, symbolizing modern consumerism at its peak.

According to research consultancy Grand View Research, the market size of global shopping centres was valued at $5231.63 billion in 2021 and it climbed to $5474.9 billion in 2022. Moving forward, the market is set to grow even more, with estimates showing an increase to $8611.2 billion by 2030. This significant progress is highlighted by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.9% from 2023 to 2030, as projected in the forecast. Amidst this landscape of expansion, we have listed the top five largest malls in the world, listed in the descending order of their size in square feet.

  1. Iran Mall

Iran mall

Size: 21 million sq. ft.

City: Tehran, Iran

Located in Tehran, Iran, this is the world’s largest shopping mall in terms of area it covers. It opened its doors in 2019 and the shopping centre houses around 700 stores, a traditional bazaar, a car showroom and even a library. The mall isn’t limited to shopping alone; it offers an array of activities, from art and culture to sports. Then there’s Cinema Café, a Sports Café, the Shebro Gallery, a Cineplex, and a theatre hall called Tamashakhaneh that stages theatres and plays. The mall also caters to shoppers with a mix of both well-known international brands and local favourites.

Most of the commercial spaces are spread across four main levels, which are labelled G0, G1, G2, and G3. On top of these, there’s another level known as RG that adds to the mall’s offerings.

  1. New Century Global Centre

New Century Global Centre China

Size: 18.2 million sq. ft.

City: Chengdu, China

Ranked as the world’s second-largest mall, the New Century Global Centre is in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, specifically in the Tianfu New Area. This structure came to life in 2013. The brains behind this project are Chinese billionaire Deng Hong’s Entertainment and Travel Group.

Inside, there’s a diverse array of features: offices, convention centres, a university complex, two commercial centres, hotels, an IMAX cinema, and a Mediterranean village.?. It also boasts a pirate ship and an Olympic-sized skating rink along with Paradise Island Water Park, serving as the focal point of the building.

  1. The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Size: 12 million sq. ft.

City: Dubai

Built in 2008 by Emaar Properties, The Dubai Mall boasts a whopping 1,200 shops. This gigantic mall occupies the lower floors of Dubai’s landmark Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. The mall has two sprawling anchor department stores—Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale’s—along with more than 200 global dining options. It offers a luxury fashion section known as Fashion Avenue, as well as numerous other entertainment and shopping areas within its vast space. Impressively, this mall sees over 100 million visitors each year, according to its official website.

  1. South China Mall

South China Mall

Size: 9.6 million sq. ft.

City:  Dongguan, China

Established by the Chinese technology conglomerate Founder Group in 2005, this mall is situated in Dongguan, China. What sets it apart is its seven distinct zones, each designed to mimic famous international cities and regions such as Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, among other famous global cities. The mall boasts of a variety of stores, including fashion department stores, supermarkets, and even large home appliance shops. With options ranging from home boutiques to chain bookstores, this mall has something for everyone. And when it comes to dining, global restaurant chains like KFC, McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut also have a spot within their walls. Since its opening, the mall has also hosted a diverse range of businesses, from World of Laughter and Wanda International Film City to the British BBC Teletubbies Children’s Paradise.

  1. SM City Tianjin


Size: 6.08 million sq. ft.

City: Tianjin

Developed by Philippine-based SM Prime Holdings, it is the fifth-largest mall in the world. It is located at Tianjin Airport Economic Area in China. Launched in December 2016, it is a part of the SM Supermalls chain in the country which also operates 79 malls in the Philippines and 8 malls in China. The developer has an average foot traffic of 4.2 million daily in the Philippines, and 300,000 in China and has over 20,000 tenant partners in its shopping centres, according to its website.

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